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“Jammies Party” Webinar Recordings

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Manifest Your Vision for Your Greatest Year yet – $77 $27


  • What is your Archetype and WHY does it matter?
  • Vision Boards…. Manifesting Rituals…..
  • Enjoy a GUIDED Visualization of your Future Self
    and so much more

*Special Bundle Offer: Manifest Your Vision includes the Introductory Replay!

So you have a Thyroid and Hormone problem, huh? $77 $27


  • What do those “lab blood tests” really mean?
  • Pellets, Cream, and Herbs… Oh MY!
  • The Energetic Connection with Thyroid imbalance…
    and so much more….

*Special Bundle Offer: WTH Bundle – Weight Gain/Loss, Thyroid Imbalances, Hormones – Female includes the Introductory Replay!

Full Moon, New Moon and MOON Shine – $77 $27


  • What these phases of the MOON – mean and WHY they are important.
  • How making your very own “moon shine” is valuable for days after the actual Moon phases.
  • How to use the energy from the Moon to manifest your desires.
    and so much more……

*Special Bundle Offer: ESC Bundle – Emotional Release, Sound Therapy, Candida / Parasites includes the Introductory Replay!

Detoxification… beyond juicing… intermittent fasting… and toilet survival tips – $77 $27


  • How to effectively complete a Detoxification process without staying on the toilet and further WHY that is NOT healthy!
  • When, Why and HOW to complete cleanse/detox/ reset.
    and so much more…..

*Special Bundle Offer: RED Bundle – Reflexology / Enzyme Therapy / Detoxification includes the Introductory Replay!

Energy work… Flow it… Shield it and Freeze IT – $77 $27


  • How to “protect” yourself from other people and situations
  • The Power of Flowing your desires….and HOW to do it….this is not Unicorn and pixie dust stuff…no rainbows and butterflies….
  • Freezing Pee….say what?? DIY hack
    and so much more……

*Special Bundle Offer: Empowered & Equipped Empath
AND: BM = Body Balancing & Muscle Response Testing includes the Introductory Replay!

How to make your OWN Flower Remedy – $77 $27


  • What are they…what are they not…#livEPIC
  • How to use this Emotional balancing support for PERSONAL use
  • DIY…hack…Make your very own Flower remedy for a fraction of the cost
    and more

*Special Bundle Offer: BHF bundle – Bathology, Homeopathy, Flower Remedies includes the Introductory Replay!