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Face, Tongue & Nail | Functional Blood Analysis Ranges | ABTI | Muscle Response Testing

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Note: These selections are part of our CAHP program (Complimentary & Alternative Health Practitioner).

Face/Tongue/Nail (F/T/N) | $497

Why learn this??

FACE- Face reading (mien shiang or mien xiang, pronounced “myen-shung”) originated in China nearly 3,000 years ago. Originally, this medical art was practiced by Taoist monk healers.

Experts say that in China, good doctors can identify 70% of a person’s health problems by examining the patient’s face. The most wonderful aspect of this diagnostic philosophy is that it can be used according the Traditional Chinese Medicine, to prevent illness. Facial coloring can also reveal what’s happening in the body, especially mineral deficiencies.


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The location of various marks on your face is also important. Location can help predict the age at which certain problems will appear.

Each face represents one of the 5 basic elemental types recognized by traditional Chinese medicine: wood, fire, air, water, and metal.

Each elemental type has specific physical attributes, personality traits, and health strengths and weaknesses.

The tongue is a detailed health map! The same way as the face, the tongue changes colors/shades, shape, and surface texture providing a current health state update.all the organs and the entire body can be located on specific regions of the tongue. As a mirror of the body’s

digestive system, the tongue can reflect what minerals and vitamins may be deficient and can reveal the health of other various organs in the body.

NAILS act as a map of your well being-As early as 400 B.C.E., Hippocrates taught that the nails reflect the condition of the inner body. Abnormalities of the nails can often provide early clues to common medical problems or severe systemic diseases.It takes about six months for a new nail to grow from cuticle to tip. As a result they act as a map revealing your physical health and general well-being.

Depending on their shape, texture and color, your nails can provide important clues to underlying disorders, food intolerances or nutritional imbalances.

SO WHAT – being able to “at a glance” analyze

  1. Instant information without elaborate, time consuming, expensive testing
  2. Takes the emotion and guesswork out of the issue
  3. Can show information long before traditional tests

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Functional Blood Analysis Ranges | $497

With the exception of a few biomarkers, blood chemistry analysis is based on looking for patterns and assessing probabilities based on those results.

A pathological range is used to diagnose disease. A functional range is used to assess risk for dis-ease before dis-ease develops. The main difference between the functional and pathological range is the degree deviation allowed within their normal ranges.

Conventional medical training is concerned with the diagnosis of disease and rarely preventative medicine.

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Traditional healthcare providers usually do not embrace the concept of a functional range. Practitioners who embrace the importance of functional ranges usually are also concerned about diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Effectively identify blood chemistry patterns. This means that beyond the basic level of understanding of “ideal” ranges for individual markers, there exists an entire sphere of blood chemistry interpretation which is devoted to understanding “patterns” within blood chemistry.

Pattern analysis of blood chemistry can effectively identify physiological imbalances and nutritional deficiencies by viewing and understanding the complex relationships that exist among blood chemistry factors.

Our goal in this module is to teach functional, ideal ranges for individual markers found on a: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, CBC, Lipid Panel & Thyroid Panel and more.

Simply put it is designed to teach you the skills necessary to understand and interpret a routine blood test from a functional perspective.

SO WHAT – being able to “at a glance” analyze

  1. A ‘normal’ range is not necessarily optimal or natural.
  2. In the most important things in life, do you want “Acceptable” or “amazing”?
  3. There is a big difference between feeling 80% of your best and 90% of your best. When billions of cells are made daily at even 10% less than optimal level, the influence over time leads to far greater issues.

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ABTI | $497

ABTI … where the A= Academy EPIC style… A= Angie’s realistic current application… A= Alternative – cuz it isn’t traditional RBTI – but it WORKS! Listen up…

For decades, we have used diet, supplements, and homeopathies (to name a few) to promote health. However, before offering suggestions on specific health concerns, it’s imperative to understand the probable cause. In this module we focus on balance versus imbalance in the body.

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ABTI is a formulaic Analysis of saliva and urine, which enables us to pinpoint areas of greatest concern and thereby design a program on an individual basis.  The results of this Analysis allow us to pinpoint specific changes and alterations in diet and lifestyle necessary to bring optimal health, wellness and longevity.
Based on the REAMS BIOLOGIC THEORY OF IONIZATION (RBTI) by renowned scientist Dr. Carey Reams, we lead you step-by-step through learning about AND performing a unique series of tests that provide much needed information pertaining to balance and imbalance of complex bodily functions. It is these variations away from perfect balance that indicate how well a person digests, assimilates and processes their food.
That’s right. It’s about lifestyle… it’s about food… but more importantly, it’s about the energy assimilated (or not) from the food we eat. Understand this: what is food for one person may be poison to the next because each person is biochemically unique!
In order to properly care for a person’s health, it is vital to understand their biochemical uniqueness. You will be able to do this with accurate knowledge of this formula-driven, dynamic, hands-on ABTI program!
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Muscle Response Testing | $497

“MRT” may appear as a “voodoo” rendition of Let’s Make A Deal but really it is Applied Physics at the cellular level. Simply put, the Body Talks electrically. MRT is an invaluable Assessment Tool — especially in those challenging times where there is no “Fancy Machine” or even the ability to get “blood labs” due to our environmental chaos. MRT clearly is a Whole Body Approach for the practitioner or layman supporting the balancing of the body – after all YOUR BODY TALKS.

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What will you learn:

  • 6 Different ways to Muscle test that provides for a variety of testing situations
  • Mastering the use of this Assessment tool with a clinical approach to determine the foundational needs of the body
  • Immediate value by utilizing the subtle clues of the body in an
    a. emergency situation
    b. to determine the TRUTH of someone; and
    c. use for those that cannot speak for themselves… your pets

SO WHAT… right? (Think again)

  • No fancy expensive tools needed
  • So easy, kids can do it… effortlessly
  • Test foods, cleaning supplies, water, supplements, skin care, your spouse, pets and MORE

Bottom line…

Learn from an EXPERT that utilizes this method every day in her every day and not so every day LIFE.
Obtain instant information to change lives dramatically
without playing the guessing game or wasted time of trial and error.

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