Held twice monthly, this Structured and Strategized Business Solutions group coaching program (via LIVE video feed), offers the support you’ve always dreamed of but never found – until now! Join us as we deep dive into your specific questions and provide real solutions.

We ANSWER and EMPOWER you — alongside GUEST Trainers — exclusively assembled to continue our commitment to EQUIP you for Epic Success.

Who is it for
ANYONE who is a part of the CAHP program and would like to have Additional Support and build Community with others.
What is it for
Structured and Strategized Solutions is a place where we come together as a Community. We share Themed topics such as Business Training, Branding or HOW TO protocols etc. The topics are INCLUDED in your link the week of the call, or you can
find it posted in our FB private group page or make it up as you go.
Where is it

ZOOM baby…. www.zoom.us (online) You are provided a LINK to click on and join the by the WED before the SUNDAY call. Use any device…shhh please mute yourself. We love your dogs but they may distract us.


Our mouth to your ears. NO holding back..#truth and LIVE!! After all, we are recorded. So we stand behind what we say. Instant answers for your questions. Send those questions by THURSDAY at 5pm central to sassQuestions@academyEPIC.com

Our mission from the very start was to be different than any other program available. This live coaching provides a platform for that personal touch you can’t find elsewhere, without leaving your home.

The CAHP Program

The videos have a ton of information, but there is nothing like getting that ONE question answered to propel you forward!

This does not replace the material in the videos, it is simply helping you make the necessary connections to enhance your success!

This is also an excellent way to keep on track to graduate in the shortest amount of time possible! With nothing holding you back!

There are times when there is that one question
that seems to prevent you from making the most of what you have learned.
This is the time to remove all obstacles and get results!

We are excited to ensure that you have everything you need to stay on track through completion of your program!

Zoom with you soon!

Angie Ates, founder of Academy Epic


What if I can't make it to the call?
They are recorded and you will get a link to replay after the call.
Do I have to be on Video for Zoom?
 – NO you can use Audio or Video. We do love to see those smiling faces on video however.
Is it mandatory to be a part of the SASS coaching?
– NOPE…your world..your life…we are just here to help support your journey.
How often do they occur?
We offer them every OTHER Sunday of each month. The time is always the same at 7pm CENTRAL time.
Is there a Replay?
 YES – it will be posted within 48 hours of the recording.
Do I have to dress up?
 NO – but remember clothes are suggested because you are on video. And we love to CONNECT with faces and personalities:)
Is there a FEE?
 – No small print…No nonsense..and NO!!! Here at EPIC we want you to be SUCCESSFUL. So for ALL CAHP program members….Graduates or not…are WELCOME!
Is this Podium type boring?
– NO- this is YOUR time….YOUR support and VERY interactive. Unless you are one of those stalkers that listens and doesn’t participate….
Who facilitates the call?
Angie Ates, however we have Guest speakers/ trainers in side our community and also from the outside. We do like NO chaos…so there is some structure.
What kind of questions can we ask?
Please nothing personal, this is being recorded – LOL. Honestly, ANYTHING that will push you towards SUCCESS. Could be…material, protocols, business, personal growth etc.