Sensational Soul Expansion Event

OPEN – All Invited!! September 13-15, 2019 in Indianapolis

(Starts at 6pm Friday night and ends SUNDAY at noon.)








ReCreate, ReCharge, and ReCraft
the Leader Within!

  • Embrace the processes of activating your personal strength.
  • You will discover the blocks to prosperity and HOW TO release and heal those blocks.
  • Power packed retreat weekend where you will return home a “ReClaimed” person.
  • Look your PURPOSE in the eye and know with PASSION the steps to Position yourself to reach the goal.

This is not your average….la la la..event. This is an EPIC experience from the time you commit to the time you return home. We are here to ReCharge your inner you. To ReCreate your confidence and ReCraft your WHY.

We support you with tools and techniques that allow you to Acknowledge and Honor your past, your stories, your habits and YOU. This enables you to release, transform and heal the emotional triggers that contribute to the struggles of daily life.

Come join us as we develop the leader within you. For when you become a leader of One (self) you are empowered to be the leader of many. However, your inability to lead one (self) will not afford you the opportunity to lead any.

More details coming…… Secure your spot

$497.00 or 3 Payments of $155 — BRING your partner/spouse for only $97 (add in cart)

VERY LIMITED seating…this is an Integrative Approach with LOADS of hands on processes. What does this mean to you? Small Groups allow a space for much expansion versus Large groups that create an “uncomfortable” energy component.

This is Event WILL sell out… it does EVERY YEAR!! Sign Up Today!

I DID indeed go to the Graduation – Personal Growth Event of Academy Epic last year!  I figured I’d better go, and “support the graduates” since I was studying the CAHP program, and likely I’d want someone to come to my Graduation…If I was graduating.

Little did I know I was being led to the “BIGGEST,  LIFE CHANGING, EMOTIONS-PACKED EVENT” of my LIFE!  (That is… excluding the actual births of my 16 Incredible & Awesome children.) Honestly… it FELT like a birth- the CONCLUSION of a lifetime of self-limitations  and incorrect perceptions, and the BEGINNING of a New Life… for me!  

I emerged  from that intense, embarrassing, humbling, shackle-busting experience…FREE!  It would be NO exaggeration to say… I WAS transformed…  Body-mind-spirit! There was a MASSIVE amount of ‘emotional baggage’ and ‘trapped and hidden emotions’ released over those few days for most EVERYONE who attended. Through Angie’s drumming and ‘tuned-in awareness exercises’, ENERGY was funneled and flowed!

I did not go to event expecting ANY of this!  It was just a MIRACULOUS side effect, for me. (I’m starting to feel Sheepish, rattling on so about it all- I’ll shush 🤫, in a bit.  I have one more thing I MUST share first…) I was going to take my best friend with me… a couple of weeks before event, she gave me this real good “I’m a mother” guilt excuse, and I let her stay home.  But every day in class…. how I wished she was there!  I will NOT make that mistake again 😃.  

If you “love” someone, BRING them. Don’t judge or worry that they may not like ‘energy work’ or something… It a massive SMORGASBORD!  Come hungry and fill up on what nourishes YOU! (This does sound a “little over-the-top”, but it is TRUE!    Just sayin 😉…. hope to see you there!)


I would highly recommend going to the personal growth weekend this September.

Last year there was a lot of “Ah Ha” moments and insights that catapulted me to a new and better place.  It cleared some old negative energy and gave new clarity and understanding to my life.  There is more “work” to be done on my journey and look forward to more Angie in Ur Head.  Please try to go as you will definitely not regret it.  It will be worth the time and effort.

Deb Veazey

I have always been one that craves knowledge, especially when it came to holistic/alternative health. For the last 9 years I have worked on that passionately and received my degrees and certifications. I came to realize there was a missing piece of the mind, body, spirit. So I began seeking how to balance that with some personal growth.

Last September, I attended the Personal Growth event with Academy EPIC, and found that missing piece. It was about ME and how to break the arrows with my throat, not my hands! It was about ME on a visual journey that only I knew from visiting myself 5 years down the road. That was such a peaceful experience. I also had a big decision that had to be made when I returned home and there was an exercise that drilled it down and checked it twice to be sure that the answer I got was energetically the right answer!

Do you feel there is something missing? Do you need to grow and prosper? Just remember to ask yourself, “If I knew the answer it would be…”!

Patricia Wilson, CAHP, BCND

Retreat Options

OPEN – All Invited!! September 13-15, 2019
in Indianapolis, IN

Plus: Bonuses! (Options for Meal and Lodging packages to come.)

Fast Action Bonuses – $747 Value!

Manifest Your Vision Workshop

A Program that EQUIPS you to “change on the inside” in order to MANIFEST your VISION for change on the “outside.”
Who is this course for?

  • you – sick in tired of being sick in tired… learn HOW the emotional component is impacting your HEALTH negatively
  • you – not achieving your goals and you “do all the things” you are suppose to be doing and get Nothin!
  • you – have tried “all kinds” of programs to manifest… and they never work
  • you – ready for a Road Map for Success…. not theory but actual Tools that WORK!!
  • you – you that chooses a more expanded view of self and personal growth the leads you to the success you desire
  • you – wanting clarity… wanting tools to do work on your own…YOU!

Body Balancing Course (Value $197)

Jam-packed Potpourri of Body balancing techniques and modalities. You will definitely find one that aligns with your belief systems and step away with the knowledge to put it in to action immediately. Join Kari Solomon CAHP-BC as she walks you through HOW TO multiple methods of balancing and supporting the body.

Emotional Release Course (Value $97)

What you’ll learn:

  • Master the significance of organ systems and associated emotions
  • Reframing, V.A.K.S. and Tapping techniques
  • Steps to coach your client to break throughs
  • Many techniques with printable HOW TO sheets to add to your tool box

SIX Jammie Party recorded Webinars (value $462)

Topics include: • Manifest Your Vision for Your Greatest Year yet • So you have a Thyroid and Hormone problem, huh? • Full Moon, New Moon and MOON Shine • Detoxification… beyond juicing… intermittent fasting… and toilet survival tips • Energy work… Flow it… Shield it and Freeze IT • How to make your OWN Flower Remedy

Breathing/Meditation Course (Value $97)

Breathing is controlling the body. Meditation is controlling the mind.We not only train you on breath work techniques we also provide you tools used in successful mediation practices. This will ultimately help your clients come to a healthier nervous system – mind-body integration. Why does this matter?? When you support this integration the client achieves their goals!!

Sound Therapy Course (Value $97)

The history of SOUND therapy is 1000’s of years old and you will find its uses in religious ceremonies around the globe, among other applications. World Renowned David Kennet trains you on the processes and how sounds impact our very organ systems. He further offers you, your very own “sound therapy” session via online video. Turn up the volume and embrace how this therapy will assist your clients in releasing emotional patterns.

I have been to many personal growth events and left with great ideas that either never translated to action or never fully translated. I attribute this to the fact that often while on the surface I thought I understood the actual steps in the process I did not and after the class was over, I did not have access to the instructor. Also frankly, many of the skills were not applicable to my daily needs after further examination. Academy Epic is different.

First of foremost, Angie Ates has lived what she is training both personally and with thousands of clients. She knows the pitfalls. As such when she creates hands on exercises, yes I said hands on not book and paper- not go home and do exercises but DO IT NOW IN CLASS EXERCISES; she walks participants through the process while teaching how to deal with the pitfalls before they happen. In addition, she provides examples based on herself and her clients on how to navigate a solution if you do fall in a hole and teaches critical thinking skills so that you can learn to navigate your own journey. Furthermore, Angie is available after the class should you need help implementing your strategy and critically evaluating the options. The bottom line, if you are ready to challenge yourself and move some “shift” then this is the class for you. If not don’t waste your time and money.

In 2018 my husband also attended. Our marriage has been enriched on many ways. I strongly encourage you to bring your spouse or significant other.

Academy Epic is light years ahead of any education program I have ever been involved in….. because it’s not just a program. It’s family of faith empowering healers that work together to learn, grow and change the world ONE LIFE AT A TIME!

Christian Sessums

Retreat Options

OPEN – All Invited!! September 13-15, 2019
in Indianapolis, IN

Plus: Bonuses! (Options for Meal and Lodging packages to come.)