Refund & Cancellation Policies

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Refund Policy: 3 days after date of purchase. No exceptions.

ALL Payment Plans

If a scheduled monthly payment fails for any reason, access to your course membership will be cancelled until your payment schedule is brought up-to-date. You’ve made a commitment and we will honor it as much as you do. As a sidenote, this is standard business policy, and tech-wise, our membership software suspends access automatically upon failed payments. We cannot work around it. Once your payments are caught up, your access will be reinstated, again, automatically by the software. However, if your payment schedule is not fulfilled within 90 days, you will lose access permanently and any amount previously paid will be forfeited.

Products - Digital or Physical

Refund Policy: 3 days from date of purchase.


Refund Policy: 3 days from date of purchase.

Terms, Conditions and Policies are subject to change without notice.