Dr. Angie Ates – Natural Health Educator, Board Certified Naturopath with a full complement of credentials…

Dr. Angie Ates
ANGIE, LLC offers comprehensive healthcare education for the entire family. I am dedicated to helping my clients learn what it takes to achieve their optimal physical health as a foundation for better living.

Through education I show you the techniques that encourage your body’s natural processes to work optimally without side effects.

Dr. Angie Ates – Mother of 3, Natural Health Educator, Board Certified Naturopath, MH, CNC, CNHP, CAHP-BC, Detox Specialist, CEO & Founder of Academy EPIC…

PLUS, Angie is a World Travel Specialist enjoying ALL forms of Academy EPIC Travel to-get-her-message-to-You… including planes,-trains,-and-automobiles, Amish buggies, and driving the unforgettable 34’ long R.V., known affectionately as the Academy EPIC-Mobile…

☆ ☆ Long ago in a galaxy far, far, away… ☆ ☆
a Missouri gal, named Angie, with a bit of spunk and a rebellious “Show-Me” spirit chose the path-less-travelled!

After years in corporate America, HER entrepreneurial Self kicked into High Gear… WHEN she found her true passion and calling in natural health. A proud mom of 3, Angie Roberts Ates, became a seeker of knowledge and earned her Board Certification as a Naturopath, MH, CNC, CNHP, as well as becoming a Detox Specialist, and Entrepreneurial Wellness Expert.

But wait there’s more… (to the story!!)

…Answering her own Call-to-Serve, Angie founded a teaching platform to assist Others interested in Natural Health. As CEO and founder of the successful Academy EPIC, she leaves No-Stones-UN-Turned in her Mission to teach, inspire and mentor others to LIVE their optimum Best life of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Her Academy EPIC platform reaches-and-teaches health care professionals, corporate wellness programs and includes Moms, fighting in their Home trenches…for their families health and well-being! Choosing to NOT rest comfortably on her accomplishments,

Dr. Angie, travels in her Epic Adventure-Mobile, as a motivational speaker and tireless Teacher at her remarkable EPIC Events. Continuing to share her God-given talents, and spread-the-word of integrating natural health into your daily life for a foundation of better living and empowering you to unlock and reach Your Full Potential! AND…Just like the ‘Blues Brothers’… Angie is On a Mission!

Btw…Stay Tuned… to THIS same EPIC ‘channel’ for more info on the next exciting location of Angie’s NEXT Academy EPIC Adventure!

…WAIT!? …What do we hear??? …Is that Willie Nelson singing??
”On the road again… ♫ Just can’t wait to get on the road again…”