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Quick Guide :: Headaches

Inside this Quick Guide:
Video Training 00:28:59

  • What causes headaches
  • Location of headaches, what it means
  • Emotional Components
  • Ancillary Support
  • Nutritional Contributions
  • C2 – Upper Cervical
  • Potassium Need
  • Protocols, Remedies & Solutions
  • And more!
  • Supporting documents

$27 Special! 4.99 (PROMO CODE: JULYLOVE )

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Certificate Collection!
Women’s Wellness
Over 44 program hours and 975 pages of support material

  • 10 hours of video training
  • Anatomy & Physiology Module
  • Nutrition Module
  • Symptom Solutions Modules
  • Tools & Techniques Modules
  • Support Guides & Resources
  • Certificate in Maximizing Women’s Health

$497 Special! 50% Off: 248.50 ( PROMO CODE: JULYLOVE )

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Weight Release or Gain
Video Training – 00:17:38 video

  • Learn about how BIG the emotional component is to weight release (don’t say weight loss – we’ll explain why)
  • Included is an Emotional Eating Style QUIZ to help identify triggers
  • Our PDF shows where fat is located and what each location means
  • An emotional support tool (PDF) called “Love Thyself”
  • And supplement, emotional and ancillary support
Nutrition is covered in a separate module. This module focuses on the emotional aspect of weight-offering a solid foundation beyond food!

Special! 14.99 (No promo code needed… Only available NOW! )

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