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Quick Guide :: Cell Salts

Inside this Quick Guide:

  • Video Training 00:30:18
  • The Bio Chemistry of Salts in the Body
  • How to use Cell Salts according to a variety of ways – see the intro vid –>
  • The Science
  • Clinical Pearls!
  • And more!
  • Supporting documents

$27 Special! 4.99 (PROMO CODE: EPICJUNE )

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Certificate Collection! Pediatric Wellness

  • Over 53 program hours and 755 pages of support material
  • 12 hours of video training
  • Anatomy & Physiology Module
  • Nutrition Module
  • Symptom Solutions Modules
  • Tools & Techniques Modules
  • Support Guides & Resources
  • Qualifiesfor 23 CEUs required annually
  • Certificate: Pediatric Wellness Consultant

$497 Special! 50% Off: 248.50 ( PROMO CODE: EPICJUNE )

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New! Nature’s 1st Aid

  • Video Training 00:09:25 short fun video AND…
  • A 20 page booklet including Angie’s Big Bag of ‘Witchery’... it’s chock full of natural remedies and emergency preparedness protocols for everything from insect bites to emergency decontaminants, bleeding wounds to burns and in betweens…
Everyone should have a home first aid kit ready to go!

$29.98 Special! 14.99 (PROMO CODE: EPICJUNE )

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