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ANMCB Board Certification Review Exam Training

This training course allows you to choose the following titles per the ANMCB via the exam/ qualifications met:

  • Board Certified Naturopathic Physician
  • Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor
  • Board Certified Naturopath
  • Board Certified Traditional Naturopath
  • Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine
  • Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health


1. Save MONEY on travel and hotel expenses when comparing to the LIVE ND review event options

2. Watch the information over and over and over again

3. Be prepared for the 4 hour Board Certification testing by being able to watch….study…watch…study until you’ve  “GOT IT”

4. Save time off work or out of the office and secure a LOCAL proctor to administer the actual test via

5. For those attending “book based” Naturopath training this allows you to transition from your school of choice in to the ND review format……..easily.  Allowing for integrative understanding regardless of which courses you completed.

6. Learn AWESOME “memory” tricks from Stuart Hite himself….yep that is how we all were able to retain all that info for the test.

7. Watch ND Review information at YOUR convenience…..even in your jammies with a hot cup of tea

Only $197

Board Certification Review

In collaboration with the we have chosen to offer this thorough Prep Course at only $197.

$297 $197


The review video does NOT expire.

That means buy now and watch it WHENEVER it fits in to your schedule.

Review is available ONLINE

and you can take your Exam LOCALLY whenever it fits in to your schedule.


We have NO small print

THERE ARE NO EXPIRATION dates ….NO sort of kinda this is how it works…..

Proctoring INFO:

1. Secure Testing approval at and purchase that “fee” based accreditation…nothing new here.

2. Secure a “proctor” at your LOCAL library or college/university thru them or   these prices range from $20-$50.00 in all the locations we called

3. Choose a DATE and TIME – communicate with all parties and TAKE YOUR EXAM.  Technically, you could do it in your jammies if that helps you recall the info better.  But NO NOTES, NO Cell phones and NO pictures of your loved ones allowed.

icon4. CELEBRATE!!!!! when those PASSED certificates notifications come in… CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES… COME ON!!!

Only $197

Board Certification Review