Beginner / CEU opportunities
Associate Degree level

YES! Medical CEUs offered thru Westbrook University and
Academy Epic programs qualify for ANMCB requirements!


Wholistic Male Interventions

99 credit hours* $495.00 ($5.00 per credit hour)
Online Quiz — Certificate emailed upon passing the quiz
Completion estimate: 3 – 6 months


Experienced and Proficient PROFESSIONAL

  • Triangulating imbalanced conditions using reflexology points!

We go beyond teaching you touch-points of the feet, but rather how to connect all the points that tie back to male issues.

  • At home Chiropractic care tips!

We bring the Chiropractor to you! A 30+ year veteran who teaches you the tips and tricks that not only helps you in your practice, but helps your client get results. Again, we bring you the expert! This is the EPIC way!

  • GI issues and the ICV involvement, with solutions!

We teach beyond the sesame seed swallow, and the latest anti-acid campaign, showing you how small changes within the male population’s lifestyle and activities can have them put down the family size pack of acid neutralizers. You know, wink-wink, those multi-colored, “fruit” flavored chewables.


Family Health COMMANDER and Believer

  • High oh my! Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure and High Impact Solutions!

Realistic hacks to get the man in your life on board to your crazy naturalistic ways. We know, we are married to all those deniers, who cry out in the middle of the night for our help. He will be introducing you as his personal miracle worker at the next office party.

  • Don’t pout – lose the Gout!

Tired of the manly whine over the big toe hurting? How about some practical tips to make that big toe pain go away? Because we all know that it can be quite the challenge when the knight is in pain requiring all your attention, and making delirious promises if you only help him. Well, we’re not saying you shouldn’t act on making those promises work to your benefit, but to restore your knight to his shining way, learn how to get real results to stop the pouting that comes with the pain.

  • Taking care of your man on the sly…!

We may not have the miracle of turning the beer keg into a six-pack, or bring you the latest Vegas revue, but we can help you support and restore the health of the man of your dreams.


Savvy Supporter and Knowledge Seeker

  • The body’s nutrient solutions for Bone Support!

We go beyond Calcium, the cow, organic, non-gmo, non-whatever letter and teach you how to snag some of those nutrients without having to go out and milk the cow, or buying the cow.

  • Resolving male issues including prostate challenges!

No need to go prostrate to have a healthy prostate. We teach you how to support and maintain the health of your wal-nuts beyond saw palmetto, or the latest talk-show host sales pitch for prostate health!

  • How to solve sleep issues by understanding imbalanced organs!

I know you’re disappointed to hear we won’t be singing you a lullaby to bed, or suggest you have a cup of chamomile tea, because we know you don’t drink twigs, plants, flowers, or tree bark. Instead we are going to suggest something that a manly man will actually do… surprise, surprise, it may not be what you think!

Here’s what you get:

What you get:

Equal to 99 credit hours* and over 600 pages of support material

  • EPIC Equipping:
    • Anatomy & Physiology Overview
    • Nutrition / Eating Strategies
    • Your Level of Health
  • Symptoms Solutions:
    • Cholesterol
    • Sleep Issues
    • Blood Pressure
    • GI Issues
    • Blood Sugar Issues
    • Gout
    • Male Issues
    • Back and Foot Pain
    • Aging
    • Structural/ Bone Healing
    • Ulcers
  • Tools n Techniques:
    • Reflexology
    • Massage/Stretching
    • Body Balancing/Sequencing Tools
    • Chiropractic
    • Life Purpose – audio
    • Dry Brushing

Wholistic Male Interventions $495

Only $5.00 per credit hour!

  • 99 credit hours*
  • Over 600 pages of support material
  • Anatomy & Physiology Module
  • Nutrition Module
  • Symptom Solutions Modules
  • Tools & Techniques Modules
  • Certificate in Wholistic Male Interventions