Manifest Your Vision
for Your Greatest Year Yet

A Program that EQUIPS you to “change on the inside” in order to MANIFEST your VISION for change on the “outside.”

Who is this course for?

  • you- yep you- you are sick in tired of being sick in tired..learn HOW the emotional component is impacting your HEALTH negatively
  • you – not achieving your goals and you “do all the things” you are suppose to be doing and get Nothin!
  • you – have tried “all kinds” of programs to manifest… and they never work
  • you – ready for a Road Map for Success…. not theory but actual Tools that WORK!!
  • you – you that chooses a more expanded view of self and personal growth the leads you to the success you desire
  • you- wanting clarity… wanting tools to do work on your own…YOU!

Table of Contents

Welcome Letter | Commitment Agreement

Section 1 – Setting the Stage
Section 2 – Negative Analysis
Section 3 – Strength/Weakness Review
Section 4 – Worry is Real/ Fear is ALIVE
Section 5 – Belief Systems/ BTFAR

Section 6 – Clarity Call
Section 7 – Transformational Touchpoints
Section 8 – Gratitude Attitude
Section 9 –POWER of Intention
Section 10 -POWER of Boundaries

Section 11 – Cleaning up the Clutter
Section 12- Nurturing Yourself
Section 13- Manifesting Ritual
Section 14- Affirmation Sheet
Section 15- BONUSES

What is included:

Manifest Your Vision – Jammie Party webinar recording (1 hour of EPIC Fun and Enlightenment)
⮚ Manifest Your Vision – Jammie Party pdf (The Powerpoint handouts…for note taking and more)
⮚ Future Self Visualization / Meditation (Guided Meditation to discover the Message your “future self” has for
you. To aid you on What path to take, Further clarity, and personal intuitive healing)
⮚ Finding your Purpose Visualization / Meditation (Guided Meditation to supporting you to Find Your Purpose. We are
here on a mission to find greatness in ourself and to Positively Impact this world. You will enjoy the Liberation of “knowing”.)
⮚ 15 Audio Modules of Manifest Your Vision Training (Individual sections guiding you to follow the roadmap to Manifesting
your Vision. These are inspirational, end result driven audios that will not only Inspire you but will encourage you to Implement with ACTION…. Oh and that Commitment word… #livEPIC)
⮚ Manifest Your Vision Workbook (Over 50 pages of FUN filled INTERACTIVE processes. These are guided evidence-based processes to create transformation on the INSIDE in order to achieve manifestation on the OUTSIDE. )

Bottom line – unless you work on YOU all the.. should of… could of… would of… Projections from others do no good. We KNOW the logic. We must EMPOWER and do the “work” to release the emotional triggers and blocks that clearly hold us in a stagnant pattern.

You will discover:

  • How to Recognize Fear is REAL and not a LIAR
  • How to Utilize Release processes that WORK on the underlying CORE/ROOT issue versus “talk therapy” about emotions
  • How to Stand in “your” power of EMPOWERMENT with healthy boundaries…..clearing the clutter and knowing YOU
  • How to utilized the Envelope Method for results driven guidance
  • You will be Transformed with this work!!

WELCOME LETTER (from the workbook… FEEL the love)

I am blessed you have chosen this coursework to expand your heart and embrace your mind. You will find Epic processes  throughout the program, if you choose to utilize, will support the change in oneself.

It takes Courage, Focus, Determination and down right “grit” to complete any personal growth and expansion course. I acknowledge and commend you for taking the FIRST steps and I hold a space for your “completion”. There may be
times that you simply are “not in the mood”. These are the times when we find the “grit” and we do it anyway. Conquering the little “excuse/justification” Voice inside is the gift we give to ourselves.

I truly intend that you get as much Value out of the coursework as I have creating and expanding on my experiences in order to create it.

I hope to see you at a LIVE speaking event, on our Community Page FB or through another course. Until then You have embarked upon a Beautiful journey that your heart and soul will appreciate for years to come.

Much Love and Blessings My Friend,

Angie Ates
CEO/Founder Academy EPIC

Manifest Workshop

$397 Order for Only $197

  • Manifest Your Vision – Jammie Party webinar recording
  • Manifest Your Vision – Jammie Party pdf
  • Future Self Visualization / Meditation
  • Finding your Purpose Visualization / Meditation
  • 15 Audio Modules of Manifest Your Vision Training
  • Manifest Your Vision Workbook