Certified Advanced Iridology Course

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  • The Practitioner or Soon-to-be Practitioner who wants to add to their expertise!
  • The person(s) who wants to take their health care back into their own hands
  • The Someone who desires sound knowledge and techniques from an experienced practitioner not just a “blog” full of theory filled information
  • And yes YOU – looking for #truths and real information to bring to your community, to build your confidence, and to Ultimately get those set of initials behind your name!

Brenda your learning material in the Certified Iridologist Series is well presented and understandable. You do a great job in sharing your knowledge with us. You were very supportive and understanding… I would highly recommend anyone that is interested in studying in this field. Keep up the good work and thank you very much for an excellent course. – Erica

Included in This Course:

Over 200 Hours in Six Full Sections

Beginning* | Intermediate* | Advanced Practitioner* | Practitioner Day One** | Practitioner Day Two**
*Each Include 3 Videos, Instruction Manual, Practice Manual, Test Manual, Photo Manual, Course Syllabus
**Includes 16+ hours of video training, Slides, Photos, Manual and more

Introduction to Iridology

This 1-hour BONUS video is designed to give you a sound understanding of how Iridology works. The subjects covered in this class include:

  • What is Iridology?
  • History of Iridology
  • Study of the Iridology Chart
  • True Eye Color – Blue, Mixed, Brown
  • Constitution – How Strong is Your Body Inside?

Intermediate Iridology

  • Review Iris Signs and Iridology Chart
  • Find Iris Signs in each Participant
  • Perform a Constitutional Iridology Analysis from beginning to end
  • Iris Analysis using the 8 Systems of the Body
  • What organs are in each system and how to tell which system is not functioning properly
  • Which Herbs, Vitamins, and Minerals are Necessary to Promote Growth In Systems
  • Detect Growths, Mineral Deficiencies, Inflammation Causing Symptoms
  • Compare Beginning and After Iris Slides to Learn
  • Benefits of Lifestyle Changes

CIP- Advanced Practitioner (Day One)

This course brings in not only teachings from Dr. Bernard Jensen but also European Iridology teachings from Ellen Tart-Jensen. Learn the latest research in Iridology. Learn how to do iridology just by the genetic markings in the iris.

Beginning Iridology

Within these first three modules you will learn:

  • History of Iridology and Specific Iridology Signs
  • Difference between blue, mixed, brown Irises
  • How Herring’s Law of Cure Affects Us
  • What Iridology Does for Us
  • Recognition of the Eye and Study of the Iridology Chart.
  • Seven Zones of the Body, Four Disease Stages, Four Levels of Inflammation
  • Four Elimination Channels, Reversal Process

Advanced Iridology

  • Review Constitutional Iridology Signs and Perform and Analysis from Beginning to End
  • Draw the Iris of the Eye
  • Perform Iris Analyses from Photos
  • Perform Iris Analyses from Drawings of Previous Analyses
  • Learn How to Take Iris Photos
  • Learn British Iris Signs
  • Learn Rayid Iris Signs
  • Learn German Iris Signs
  • Introduction to Sclerology

CIP - Advanced Practitioner (Day Two)

This class is Level 4 class. The EPIC thing about this class is after you pass it you can hold the title of “Advanced Iridology Practitioner” which will give you more confidence and more credibility in the field of iridology.

There is a lot of information but I have found the course very easy to follow. I enjoy the videos and course information. Brenda is extremely knowledgeable and shares great information. She is very supportive and offers great communication with questions that I have asked. I am extremely happy that I choose this course!


The course is very well structured. I strongly recommend this training course to both those who want to know as much as possible about iridology and to those who are already practicing it. We find answers to many of our questions in this course.



Intro to Iridology

VALUE $77.00 – How Iridology works!
Powerpoint with voice over

Certified Iridology

VALUE $30.00 – Session 1/ Level 1

Anatomy & Physiology Coursework

VALUE $300.00 – Video Length 2:49:22 / ONLINE ONLY*

Detoxification Methods

VALUE $ 297.00 – Video Length 1:11:10 with 15 support pdf ONLINE ONLY*

Cell Salt Therapy

VALUE $ 97.00 – Video Length 30:18 with 27 page reference manual ONLINE ONLY*

Candida/Parasites & Probiotics

VALUE $297.00 – Video Length 1:11:12 with 103 page manual ONLINE ONLY*

*ONLINE ONLY: These modules are part of Academy Epic’s Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioner Course (CAHP) and are available online only.

Empowering, Equipping & Encouraging… You!

That’s $OVER $1,000 in Value! PLUS You get…

Unlimited ONLINE access to the course modules/ materials- we let you watch and review over and over and over…..we want you to Master the topic this will EQUIP you for Success. Valued at Priceless

Clinical Application guide sheets to ensure you “know what you know”- This supports the thought process behind the solution and hands on experience of actually following a sequence for results. Valued at Priceless

Support pdfs to guide you and lead you to “pulling it all together”. We provide a roadmap to aid you in “getting in the head” of the training practitioner in order for you to have ready made protocols and remedies to use for your community and clients. Valued at Priceless

Iridology Expert, CNC, CI, CCI, CCII
President and Founder
Joyful Living Services

Meet Your Instructor…

Brenda Generali was certified in Iridology by Dr. Bernard Jensen in 1987. To further her ability to support others, in 1990 she became a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Certified Herbalist.

Brenda has been practicing in the field of Natural Health unitedly with various Doctors and Alternative Practitioners in the state of California for over 30 years. She was honored to be an invited assistant at Dr. Bernard Jensen’s 80th Birthday Symposium in San Diego.

She is a sought-after speaker in the arena of Natural Health. Whether you saw her speak at the 2012 International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA) Conference, National Health Federation Convention or multiple Whole Life Expos, we assure you her Passion and Purpose was evident as she encouraged you to heal yourself. [More]

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Introduction & Beginning Iridology Only*
(Prerequisite: None)

Intermediate Iridology Only *
(Suggested Prerequisite: Introduction & Beginning)

Advanced Iridology Only *
(Suggested Prerequisite: Beginning & Intermediate)

Advanced Practitioner
Day One & Two Only *

(Suggested Prerequisite: All of the Above)

Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Only *

(Prerequisite: None)
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*** Can be applied within six months toward the purchase of the complete program

**Delivery Time Frame…

2-week Delivery time frame when paid in full

Week 1 – Introduction & Beginning Module
Week 2– Intermediate, Advanced Practitioner & Bonus Modules

6-month delivery time with the payment plan

MONTH 1– Introduction & Beginning Module
MONTH 2– Intermediate Modules
MONTH 3– Bonus Modules
MONTH 4– Advanced Modules
MONTH 5– Advanced Practioner One
MONTH 6– Advanced Practioner Two

All for only $1497

2-week delivery time frame**

Or select our PAYMENT PLAN

Six monthly payments at $269.17 = $1615.00
Six month delivery time frame**