Academy Epic

Intuitive Healer

July 26-28, 2019 | St. Louis MO

Our Intentions:

  • Increase your ability to sense subtle energy in yourself, in other people and the environment
  • Enhance your understanding of the “gifts” we have all been given
  • Shield yourself from negative energy and people in your environment
  • Develop the ability to remove dense or negative energy in yourself

Included in the Course

Over 26 program hours including the in-person LIVE event

Online Preparatory Coursework

Here’s your chance, before the live event, to get up to speed and be ready to lean-in to the hands-on learning at the event. Here’s what you’ll get:

Module One – Introduction

  • Everything Is Energy – Quantum science has revealed that everything is simultaneously subtle energy and solid matter, which is the meaning of Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2.
  • Energy Follows Thought – In a quantum universe, the conscious mind is the creator and director.
  • Like Attracts Like – Your thoughts are like magnets, they attract to you energy, circumstances, and experiences that are consistent with those thoughts.

Module Two – The Guiding Principles and MINDSET

  • WORKING WITH SUBTLE ENERGY – There are three basic levels of consciousness: the sub-conscious, the super-conscious, and conscious awareness. The Super- and sub-conscious comprise what we refer to as the non-conscious mind.
  • In energy work, the conscious mind provides intention, attention and process—the non- conscious mind does everything else. GOD ENERGY!
  • The challenge….. learn to be open and receptive to communications and perceptions from the non-conscious mind.

Module Three – Five Levels of Empathic Development

  • Level 1- ReAwaken
  • Level 2- Awareness
  • Level 3- Stability
  • Level 4- Extension
  • Level 5- Empathic Healing

Module Four – The 4 Prophetic Senses

  1. Clairvoyance – see
  2. ClairAudience – hear
  3. ClairSentience – feel
  4. ClairGnosis – know

Module Five – Chakra – Energy Centers

  • Root – red, financial security, stability, foundation
  • Sacral – orange, pleasure, sensuality, creativity
  • Solar plexus – yellow, confidence, action, empowerment
  • Heart – green, self-love, nurturing, emotional intimacy
  • Throat – blue, expressiveness, communication authenticity
  • Third eye – indigo, intuitive insights, spiritual sight, seeing the truth
  • Crown – violet, inspired ideas, universal connection, actualized potential

Module Six – Mechanics & Techniques

  • Bringing awareness back to your center
  • Cleansing and balancing your chakras
  • Having acute awareness and resetting momentum


Skills to regulate and manage your own energy and it’s fields.

Exercises to help you sense the Human Energy Field.

Self-Healing “energy” Healing Techniques and Tools.

Chakra- open & balancing, spinning centers, front chakra alignment, rear chakra alignment, color integration and clearing.

Hands-on-healing to transfer, balance, and realign energy between giver and receiver.

Understanding Emotional Triggers and how to transform, transmute and heal these triggers, while removing them from your energy field.

How to sense the 7 layers of the Auric Field and clearing of “junk” stuck in these fields.

How to Center and calm self in the midst of a chaos/storm.

Opening connection portals to GOD/Universe in order to ultimately sense messages for self and others.

Techniques to Empower self while learning how to shield, protect and deflect “others” energies.

Pendulum use by Joy Bacon- proper use, proper connection to GOD, and custom made pendulums for purchase.

How to clear meridians, clear discordant energy, and much much more using a Pendulum.

and… Plenty of Bible references for those that would like some “confirmation” of just WHAT Energy is and WHAT it is not…

Plus the LIVE Event!
You KNOW it will be #epic


Intuitive Healer Event

When: July 26-28, 2019
Where: 44 Kassebaum Ln, St Louis, MO 63129
TIME: Friday, July 26
Starts at 6pm and ends July 28th at 2pm
Very limited seating…ONLY 25 total

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