Clinical Homeopathy Program

Excel at the Vital Skills you need to bolster your confidence, build results-driven protocols and increase clinic income.


  • 100 key Homeopathic Medicines, their symptoms, and their clinical use.
  • Mastering anti-doting, potency variations, remedy preparation, reactions to remedies & remedy relationships for effective & efficient results.
  • Comprehensive Acute Care remedies including those for First Aid needs.
  • The Fundamentals of homeopathy. Establishing the framework in the history, proving, pharmacology and Materia Medica understanding.
  • Therapeutic Care for the most common clinical pathologies.
  • The fundamental skills necessary to implement and maintain a Clinical Homeopathic practice using effective business and marketing practices built on ethical and professional accountability.
  • How to integrate allopathy medicine, complex formulations including burgi groups, homochords, and adjunctive therapies such as cell salts and flower essences.

And so much MORE!

Who is this for?… YOU!

  • Anyone New to Homeopathy wanting to know more about how to implement classical and complex homeopathy for daily use.
  • Anyone who is somewhere in between…know it…somewhat get it …have questions now that I have started using homeopathic remedies.
  • Anyone who is going to use or is using homeopathy in their practices regardless of product line.
  • Anyone who wants deeper training beyond what your current product companies offer.

Are you ready to be among the ranks of great healers in your community? Join us!

“Continuing education is a very important part of my life.  I believe my clients deserve up to date, relevant, real life content from me, their alternative healthcare professional……and that is exactly what I am receiving from this homeopathy course.  The videos, written content, professional coaching, and extensive list of outside resources have surpassed my expectations.   

I have used homeopathy for a few years, but what I am learning in this class has definitely given me more confidence in not only using homeopathic remedies but explaining the energetic properties to my clients.”

Sherry Neill



We have partnered with Dr. Todd Rowe and the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine
and Acupuncture team to bring to you the most comprehensive
NON-product driven training in the industry.

Dr. Todd Rowe is a licensed homeopathic physician who has practiced and taught homeopathy for over 25 years. He has published several distance learning courses designed to help prepare physicians for first aid and acute prescribing, as well as, preparing for homeopathic licensing exams. He has written several books on homeopathic education,including Homeopathic Methodology, The Homeopathic Journey, Choosing a Career in Homeopathic Medicine, and The Desert World: A Homeopathic Exploration.

PIHMA – The vision of AMCH (American Medical College of Homeopathy) at PIHMA is to transform health through being an international homeopathic Center of Excellence in Education, Research, and Clinical Care.

Online - On Demand Program

Asynchronous – WHY – We know you desire the flexibility to learn at your own pace* and in your comfy chair and favorite slippers.… and a cup of hot tea, of course. This on-demand utilization is designed for the practitioner that needs that flexibility to train in snippets of time versus blocking out an entire weekend away from family or practice hours to enhance their knowledge.

Clinical Training

Within our program, we ensure you “know it” by incorporating Case Studies. We include the Case Management critical thinking process, Case analysis and case taking techniques. And we do all this via Video training. No read this… figure this outuhhh… what do they mean…? NO… We provide the video tutorial and examples to ensure your comprehension of how to “pull it all together”.

Self Paced: Start and continue as you desire on your schedule.
This is not timed but you must attend course work every week. It’s a community college feel you’ll love !

Benefits of this Clinical Homeopathy Program:

  1. Treatment Success: You will be prepared for successful treatment of clients in first aid, acute and chronic conditions.
  2. Certification: As a homeopathic practitioner you are eligible for national certification in homeopathy, greatly increasing your credibility.
  3. Foundational Training: Your training as a homeopathic practitioner comprises 500-1200 hours of either campus-based or distance learning education.
  4. Add Value to Your Practice: You can incorporate your training as a homeopathic practitioner into your existing practice or use it as a stand-alone healing modality.
  5. Laying the Foundation for Future Growth as a Homeopathic Practitioners: Homeopathic practitioner education lays a solid foundation for you to continue your education as a homeopathic practitioner.
  6. The Benefits of Homeopathic Medicine: You will learn a system of healing that is gentle, natural, inexpensive, effective and curative of chronic disease.
  7. Growing Demand: As a homeopathic practitioner you will help meet the growing demand for alternative options in healthcare.

And Engage...

in this active learning environment and supportive community.

Y O U    W O N ’ T    G O    U N S U P P O R T E D !
We  L O V E  to  contribute  to  your  S U C C E S S

A twice monthly Mentorship session of 90 minutes is offered to add that extra layer of support.

Keep in mind this Mentorship is included in the program and you are being Mentored by someone who actually knows homeopathy from experience.

Within each module is an in-depth quiz to demonstrate knowledge accomplishments, thus building your confidence.

Program Highlights:

  • Woman’s Health
  • Biological Dentistry
  • Treatments for Animals
  • Vaccinations
  • Pediatric/Newborn Health

  • PTSD/Grief/Stage Fright
  • Treatments for Plants &Gardens
  • Constitutional Prescribing
  • Complex vs Classical Homeopathy Uses

“If I may, I just want to say the Clinical Homeopathy via AMCOH/PIHMA program is fantastic! I’d been hesitating for a long time and finally started it. The doctors are so easy to understand and we’ve already had one mentorship session (my second week!). The PPTs are terrific and I am just so impressed! If you’re thinking about it, seriously consider enrolling. It is just great!


BONUS: Advanced Standing

Graduates of this program may be eligible to Advance Place into the PIHMA Homeopathic Practitioner Program if they meet the program eligibility requirements. This constitutes 150 hours of advanced placement. Passing the final exam for the Clinical Homeopathy Program constitutes a successful challenge exam for the course in the first semester of the Homeopathic Practitioner Program. The Homeopathic Practitioner Program at PIHMA provides a pathway to national certification in homeopathic medicine.

Anatomy & Physiology

Taught by Dr. Lisa Holt
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Flower Remedies

Taught by Flower Remedy Specialist
– Cheryl Brown
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Bonus Value = Over $600

4+ hours of Additional Training Material

Over 200 pages of Support Material

Cell Salts

Taught by Angie Ates
Click to see an overview

Sound Therapy

Taught by world-renowned David Kennet
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Payment Plan: You will receive an Email indicating “how to” take the next steps with your payment plan. Modules are released based on payments received. The Payments are facilitated via our Collaborative Partner – PIHMA – You will get UNLIMITED access to Academy EPIC Bonus material right away… Enjoy!