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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! CEUs Available thru Westbrook University!

What do the degree / credit hours refer to?

Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Level Degree / Diploma is a comparison to a Government funded Higher Education Authority Organization. This is for reference only. Academy EPIC is not accredited by Any U.S. Department of Higher Education Authority. Nor are various other “distant” learning establishments utilizing the “credit hours” method of comparison.

For every 1 hour program /clock hour = 3 credit hours. Only those funded by the Government would, in reality, have a true picture of Higher Education degrees. Therefore, all organizations using these “titles” is a semantics application only.

We are an Organization choosing to EQUIP and EMPOWER!


Are there any prerequisites?

NOPE! Any age, any race, any religious belief systems, any hair color, any political party and…well you get the idea.  All our courses are designed to EQUIP you from “I kno nothin” to “I am a seasoned professional” and all the FUN in between.  So what we are saying …ALL are welcome!


How does the Stair-Step/ Trade-IN-what-I-have-paid work?

All of our programs lead to the Premiere CAHP program.  The contents of the CAHP program are bundled throughout the other levels of designations.  So as you completed a Beginner/Intermediate or Advanced course(s) (Sharpen your Saw courses are NOT a part of CAHP at this time), you are in essence completing modules of the CAHP program….one step at a time.

We allow you to “trade in” all your monies paid on any of the Beginner/Intermediate*/ Advanced programs towards the regular listed price of the CAHP-Premier program.

*Not valid on 3rd party Collaboration projects/programs- currently that is Iridology and Homeopathy programs.

There is a processing fee- for obvious reasons- it takes woman power to do the behind the scenes work to trade up what you have paid in.  So we charge $147.00 paid in full to move you up the ladder to the next level.  Each level has payment plans however, the $147.00 must be paid in full to gain access to the next designation/level.

This is our way of encouraging you to keep on MOOOVING up to more knowledge and Practical application of EPIC training!

Are these courses at my own pace?

YES - LIFETIME ACCESS! All the modules are viewed ONLINE at your convenience. Don't worry we won't watch you curled up in your favorite pj’s with a cup of delicious hot tea....well unless you invite us over or FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or... you get the idea.

Does my time ever expire?
NO - LIFETIME ACCESS! You bought view it whenever you often you want. As long as the program is offered, you have access. If for some strange....crazy... unseen... unknown reason we choose to discontinue you will be notified and arrangements will be made for your completion.
How do I get Access to the program?

Once you have completed your order and the funds have been approved you will be sent LOGIN instructions for the coursework.  As much as we hope that the automated email never ends up in your “junk or trash”, we make no promises….'cuz it may happen.  We encourage you to LOOK there for the automated (within minutes) email to unlock the Contents of your program.

Note- modules are released over time…depending on your payment plan.

Having issues? Contact  They are the ONLY ones qualified to get you thru the door to EMPOWERMENT.

Is there a Specific Start or End date?

NOPE!  You can start any day, any time from any where.  You are able to work through the program at your own pace….of course we love to Encourage you along the way.  Stay connected for a better learning experience.  Our PRIVATE FB - CAHP Premiere level only or For EVERYONE else - even if you haven’t purchased one of our EPIC programs join our FB Community page-  or check out our CRAZY adventures on our FB BIZ page.

Do I need to be Board Certified in order to get a Diploma of Completion / Certified for the CAHP designation?

NO - The Board Certification from the SCAHP (Society of Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioners) is just an added level of certification....acquired after completing a 4-hour NO notes exam. Well maybe not “just” but it does lend a level of competency once completed.

Once you have completed the CAHP FINAL EXAM, you will be awarded your EARNED Testament of Completion Certificate and hold the credentials to offer your gifts to the world as a Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP).
How long does CAHP take to complete?
The CAHP designation takes anywhere from 12 - 24 months to complete thoroughly. If you have some level of Anatomy & Physiology or have worked in the Natural Health field the comprehension of the modules will go faster. Keep in mind, it TRULY depends on the time you are devoting to view the material and then COMPLETE the Clinical Application of the material. On average, time spent of 5-7 hours per week = 12 months projected completion.
How is the CAHP program divided?
We have 3 MAIN sections:
1) The EPIC Foundation (40 credit hours*)
2) Symptoms AND their solutions (146 credit hours*)
3) Tools N Techniques (237 credit hours*)
Within EACH of the sections we have charts, research reports, guided clinical application of tools n techniques, Solutions cards and so much more. Check out our snap shot of materials you can print -->
Of course, don’t forget the Clinical Application hours, forum hours, Coaching hours and so much more to make this The Most Comprehensive Integrated Program you will find.
*See "What do degree / credit hours refer to?" at the top of this FAQ.
Do I have to complete the designation in a certain time frame?
NO - This is YOUR program. Will we encourage and prod you to move forward - of course. We will not TAKE your money and then say “oops....too slow” and then CANCEL or EXPIRE you.... Again this is YOUR program. You bought it....Keep in mind we will encourage your completion like a coach on the sidelines. But we do know life happens!
How are Assignments and Homework turned in
We call these Clinical Applications/ Study Guides and our SEAN sheet for cultivating critical thinking skills.  We also call it the “Honor system”.  We desire to “challenge” your knowledge at the end of your studies versus a “test” at the end of each module.  Additionally we choose not to “grade” your work. 

WHY?  This work is done on the “honor system”which is designed to do just that -build your honor.  As such, you will learn to build your integrity clinical app/ study guide/ SEAN sheet at a time.  Either you APPLY the knowledge and choose to become successful at your craft or you “fake” the work and get that in return as your success barometer….the Choice is always yours.

Can I download the videos?
NO - we even tried to put the ENTIRE CAHP program on the biggest memory holding IPAD available...Even it couldn't hold all the material. Well that is a great thing....not so great for those on limited internet or spotty reception. At this time you can only
view the videos ONLINE. We will keep you posted as technology and tools change.
Are these videos of Live lectures?
Yes and NO. We know there are many learning types so we have Included LIVE as well as power point trainings. You will find everything from... basic white board with marker illustrations, oranges, curling irons, ketchup, race cars, heavy machinery... well you get the Idea... we are EPIC and we love to BRING IT TO LIFE so your learning and retention is EPIC!
How do I get copies of the CAHP Transcripts?
You will have an option upon buying our CAHP program to get a Transcription of the videos within the coursework.  You will see a BUTTON within the video module that you click on and get the PDF format of the Transcription.  You may download these individually.  Some folks have put them all on a USB and then printed them for reference.  Feel free to utilize the transcriptions and all the Support documents. We only ask that you remember these are “all rights reserved” therefore, our logo and likeness should be maintained when using the documents. 
How are you different than the “other” organizations that teach Natural Health concepts?
  1. We are NOT a school and we have no desire to be thought of as a school.....seeking Higher Education Authority or conducting itself as one. We are a KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY! Why does that matter? Because we WANT you to succeed. So we have chosen a Trainer/Instructor team that ACTUALLY uses the material. Not “theory” based Trainers who only teach a topic but ones that  ACTUALLY practice their Craft.
  2. We are teaching current topics, with current SUCCESSFUL practitioners, using current technology to support you.
  3. Our CAHP designation is so full of Knowledge it won't even fit on the largest GB memory I-Pad that is bigger than “one of those other health coach institutes” entire program......just saying...
Our other programs/courses/designations are designed to “stair step” your way up to the CAHP designation. That means you can take that first Step with ease, grace and confidence while testing our material to see if it is a fit for your needs. Additionally, this allows you to keep adding those designations at your pace and with NO pressure as you move up to the Premier CAHP program.
What/ When/ HOW is the FINAL EXAM for CAHP Graduation?

For our Premiere Program - CAHP - We currently offer 2 options:

Option ONE:
- EVERY fall we have a LIVE 2 -day skills Challenge Exam. Locations vary and are posted on our Website once determined. We also partner the LIVE Exam with a Graduation Celebration AND a Homecoming for all the past graduates during the same weekend.
- You are presented case studies and you sit right down and we discuss WHAT you would do? We are seeking your “critical thinking” skills. After all, you are potentially holding someone’s life in your hands with each case study.
- We speak to our Symptom Solutions - this is where you bring to life your “remedies” for the symptoms presented. It is all about discovering the patterns and triangulating the confirmation of each solution. And then BOOYAH!!! We have a Graduation Celebration!!

Option TWO:
- Every SPRING - We embrace technology and offer your Skills Challenge Exam at a quiet yet comfy place near you. This enables those with travel challenges to still be EMPOWERED in an EPIC way. We offer a “sign up” link on your dashboard for the designated day and time.

Do you have a time line that all courses must be completed?
No “expired” time to complete. We know life can get in our way and we respect that. We also know we tend to need support and coaching so life doesn't take us OUT of the game. Check out our SASS coaching and FB group for just that...EMPOWERING YOU on your journey called LIFE.
Any course or designation you choose to purchase is on YOUR timeline. However, for the CAHP designation we do offer “graduation” and completion ceremonies a couple times per year. So many folks “plan” their completion to align with one of those dates.
Why don't we offer individual modules or sections for sale?

WE DO!  We have created bundled modules out of our Premier CAHP designation into smaller designations.  We do know the STAIR STEP approach can be much more affordable and manageable.  You will see the “bundled” modules reflected in the offer beginning, intermediate course work, specialty designations and advanced/practitioner programs, as well as individual CEU modules.

However, we do not offer “each” module sold separately.  WE do frequently “give away” modules as prizes for our Epic Adventure fun …check out our FB community page for more information. Plus from time to time we may offer individual "specialty" modules on short term sales -- sign up for our newsletter to be notified about them!

Designations - SO WHAT?

CAHP- Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner - is One of a Kind- Comprehensive Integrative 600 credit hours* program that prepares you to be a Certified Practitioner. We pride ourselves on training how to “pull it all together” and triangulate using our tools, therapies and symptom solutions brought to by Experts in their fields.

SPECIALTY DESIGNATIONS - our four programs, Master Herbalist, Homeopathy, Clinical Health and Iridology programs also offer designations.

CERTIFICATES - Our beginner and intermediate courses offers a variety of certificates. Check them out!

*See "What do credit hours refer to?" at top of FAQ.

Are there long term contracts, hidden fees, or additional charges?

NOPE!  Once you complete your purchase, you will get Lifetime access to the programs/coursework.  No monthly contracts, No activation or renewal fees, nor  “updated” information fees.  Pay once and keep your program (and any updated info) and ALL that it can EMPOWER you to be….for LIFE!!

What we are really saying…..ditch the fine print…the You have Expired….you no longer have access blah blah blah and GRAB this Knowledge -TAKE ACTION and let’s go Impact this world…together!

Where's the small print?
We make every attempt NOT to have a bunch of small print. Keep in mind we do embrace the directions of our attorneys so sometimes to keep us “legal” there may be small print.
But we make EVERY attempt for you to see the small print without a magnifying glass and the need to secure your own legal counsel prior to joining our EPIC Community. Extra FEES or costs involved are listed RIGHT UP FRONT. We offer packages and bundles and OPTIONS with as much clarity as we can. We choose Transparency for all of our LIVE events, ONLINE trainings, and any extra materials that are needed for anything Academy EPIC offers.
We partner, when possible, with our vendors and resources to offer discounts if “outside” support is needed or desired.
Testing procedures

For the CAHP program = NO we do not require you to complete an OPEN book...OPEN many LIFE LINE calls as you need... type of testing. WHY? Because we are DIFFERENT. We believe the BEST way to confirm your knowledge is for YOU to demonstrate such knowledge with our Final exam options.

The seek and find....hunt and peck....ask-FB-friends-the-answer approach doesn't serve anyone. We want you to comprehend the concepts and theories being taught so you can EMPOWER others with that information.

Our Clinical Application approach and our guided Solutions blueprint documents will take you further than an open book test based on questions generated from someone not even in Practice!

That is why we offer 2 options to Complete our Skills Challenge Exam. 1)Live event and 2) Online Technology utilization. Check out What/ When/ HOW is the FINAL EXAM? for more details.

The Certificate Collections have a Multiple Choice knowledge confirmation at the end of the course. Once completed it triggers a Certificate that is mailed to you.

What type of support do we offer you?

For the CAHP program… We have our closed Facebook group that is open 24/7 for our Community. The contributing instructors are available to answer and support your questions about the information presented in the Academy EPIC programs.

We use no fancy titles or require you to call any of our contributing instructors ‘Doctor’, but rather we are a COMMUNITY driven for YOUR success. With that said, we also do not “babysit” and give you all the answers. After all, this would stall your personal growth and not equip you to Embrace the Power of NOW, in your life lessons and your journey, in this thing called LIFE.

We EQUIP you with the thought processes or Critical Thinking competencies needed for YOU to be successful. WHY?... because there may be a time where only YOU are available to save a life line... no FB chat group...NO nothing...just YOU and your GOD given talents and knowledge. Our GOAL is to EQUIP and EMPOWER you before this need arises so that you do not rely on US, but rather SELF.

1- S.A.S.S - Structured and Strategized Solutions- this is an ONLINE Video conferencing format (or you can call in, too) brought to you to 2 x per month. We have Guest Speakers bringing you additional training for FREE. We discuss Critical Thinking processes by distilling down Case Studies that are REAL current clients that our community is needing support to create protocols and understand pathways to balancing. S.A.S.S. coaching is our way to always be supporting you in real time. They last an hour…or longer …the EPIC community guides this… (Never expires... even after you graduate)

2- Forum Support - We have a private CAHP - ONLY FaceBook page where you can bring us your questions, concerns and celebrations. The majority of our “instructors” are there to answer you and guide and support. Keep in mind we do have over 25 contributors to our EPIC program, so not all instructors are hanging out on our FB page. They have successful practices, work in hospitals, are medical educators and etc. However, we DO get your questions answered as timely as possible. (Never expires... even after you graduate)

For all other purchases please JOIN our FB Business page and FB Group where we are here to SUPPORT and LIFT you to success.

We also invite you to join us on YouTube, Instagram and connect with Angie personally on Facebook.

Is the CAHP- Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner program for everyone?
YES - The knowledge gained from any or all parts of the program will enhance your ability to take YOUR or your FAMILY’s health
care back into your own hands. This allows you to learn from Professionals that actually successfully practice versus searching for an answer from someone who may or may not really know.
NO prerequisites. Any age… any walk of faith… No restrictions! We welcome YOU to join our Movement of Positively impacting the world… naturally!
Are there LIVE classes for the CAHP program?

NO - in the sense you do not HAVE to attend a LIVE class in order to complete CAHP. However, we have recorded some LIVE teachings for those that learn in that style. We also OFFER Live events if you would like to enhance or expand your learning on a particular subject matter.

We call these EPIC Adventures and are packed full of ADVANCED work outside of the 600 credit hours* of coursework provided in the CAHP program. Check out our website for the dates of Adventures packed full of POWERFUL training material presented by Practicing trainers…and always EPIC surprises.

*See "What do the degree / credit hours refer to?" at the top of this FAQ

Are the LIVE courses/workshops extra payment, or included in my CAHP program?
The courses/workshops that are presented LIVE are intensives that focus on ONE subject matter. Therefore, they are optional, presented by various trainers and will be at an additional charge. CAHP members are offered discount prices if they choose to bring a particular subject matter to LIFE and learn hands on at a LIVE event. However, since the LIVE courses/workshops are OPEN TO ANYONE that chooses to learn from experts we offer an investment fee in education...meaning.. we charge for the event.
Is there a state-to-state regulation on being CAHP Board Certified?
NO - As is true with any training organization that is non-accredited through the U.S. Department of Education. Additionally, understanding current Legislature in regards to “how to” and “can I” use this designation or information can be found at or Many states have actually written into the bylaws the acceptance of “You can practice as a Complementary & Alternative Health Care Practitioner.”
Is Academy EPIC the only platform for the CAHP program?
Currently YES - (expect imitators at some point!) it is the only one approved and supported by The Society of Complementary Alternative Health Practitioners. Though you may be Board Certified thru SCAHP without completing our Academy EPIC course, ultimately the board certified exam is based on the information trained within the CAHP program offered via Academy EPIC.
Are there CEU’s that need to be completed for being CAHP Board Certified?
We are pleased to offer the CEUs required annually via the ANMCB Board Certification renewal procedures.  You will receive these CEU requirements with ANY of our Collections and Selections options.  Once the “online quiz” is completed  you will be mailed a Certificate.   You may make a copy and mail accordingly per ANMCB procedures.
For those seeking CEU outside the ANMCB, we utilize Westbrook University for the  Certificate of Completion provider. (Get the instructions here.)
Will Academy EPIC update material to continue with education into each module? As in- will there be added material from the original program?

We will update as science and knowledge evolves. In regards to more complex information or deeper learning, we will offer those as “add on” courses. That doesn't mean that we will give you just a “little” bit of tantalizing....oh “inquiring” minds want to know.... info and then BOOM we sell you some overprice program. NOPE!!! Each module is packed full of support materials and relevant information. We will add to those as we find “value add” opportunities. However, we will partner with outside Expert resources to offer Additional fee based trainings as well.

Did we mention our Updates are included FREE. If we enhance modules... yep you get them... FREE!

Do you need additional books and other materials?

NO… you do not have to purchase a bunch of books…a bunch of out of print…out of date books. NOPE- our program INCLUDES all the material needed. Yes, sure we will offer reference tools… via books, etc, but they are NOT required to purchase in order to get the FULL benefits of our programs:))

How much is the Final Exam/ Practical Application/ Skills Checklist/ Graduation?

There is no additional fees to attend or complete your Challenge Exam for the official graduation celebration. Now admittedly, we are to providing you transportation, catered meals, or our choice of hotel stay. We opted to allow you to ‘choose’ those details for yourself. However, you are included in our Homecoming/ Skills enhancement celebration that happens right after the official graduation.

What is this you ask? Our graduates get together every fall to Celebrate with the NEW graduates as well as Sharpen their own saws via our Personal Growth workshops during the following 2 days.

And Guess what? We even invite “outsiders” to come and enjoy the Personal Growth workshops because we love COMMUNITY. Bring a friend, spouse, enemy or even your competition and show them the love. Depending on venue there may be a small fee for the add on person in attendance.

The CAHP designation-  There is no additional fee... there is a small fee for any add-on person in attendance.

The CISP designation - Online (ZOOM) or Live Event Challenge Exam, Certificate MAILED upon completion - OR - alternative 10 clinic hours with confirmation document.

Beginner Level Certifications - an online exam and Completion certificate Emailed /mailed upon completion

Intermediate Level Certifications - an online exam and Completion certificate Emailed/ Mailed upon completion

Specialty Designations - an online exam and Completion certificate Emailed/ Mailed upon completion.  Exception is Iridology and Homeopathy are 3rd party Collaborative partners and they facilitate independently their own Challenge Exam- they provide those details.

CEU Exclusives/ Sharpening Your Saw courses - there are NO online exams and a Completion Certificate will be mailed to you Upon Request to


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