April 5 & 6, 2019
(Starts FRIDAY at 9am and ends SATURDAY at 10pm)
Jackson MO

🦋 2 Fully packed days of education, a thumbdrive of the
Face, Tongue, Nail videos and many handouts!!
âś”Only 25 spots available. Only $497 – Get yours reserved today!

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RBTI / FTN / RBTI ($497)

FTN & MRT Only (April 6) $248.50
(Plus! Get ONE of the modules on thumbdrive! And bring a friend for $1 more.)

1st 10* folks to sign up also get this:

1. Thumbdrive of our FTN module, MRT module, RBTI module – each valued at 497.00 = Total Value $1491.00
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2. Drawing for Dr Carey Reams original training via hard drive. Angie has invested thousands of dollars in purchasing and rendering “original” RBTI training videos. The first 10 folks get put in to a drawing to WIN a free 1 TB hardrive (it takes that much room to house it all) of REAMS originals. Value $1500.00
ACT NOW — Step into #livEPIC and learn from those who actually successfully use these modalities to make a difference in their practices.


(Informational Overview of Topic Only)

Based on the REAMS BIOLOGIC THEORY OF IONIZATION (RBTI) by renowned scientist Dr. Carey Reams, we lead you step-by-step through learning about AND performing a unique series of tests that provide much needed information pertaining to balance and imbalance of complex bodily functions. These variations away from perfect balance indicate how well the digestive process is working. It is these variations away from perfect balance that indicate how well a person digests, assimilates and processes their food.


(Informational Overview of Topic Only)

Face, Tongue & Nails – Your toolbox to assess the whole client “at a glance.”

This diagnostic philosophy can be used, according the Traditional Chinese Medicine, to prevent illness by revealing what’s happening in the body, especially mineral deficiencies!

  • Instant information without elaborate, time consuming, expensive testing
  • Takes the emotion and guesswork out of the issue
  • Can show information long before traditional tests


(Informational Overview of Topic Only)

Muscle Response Testing – “MRT” may appear as a voodoo rendition of Let’s Make A Deal but really it is Applied Physics at the cellular level.

Simply put, the Body Talks electrically. MRT is an invaluable Assessment Tool.

  • No fancy expensive tools needed
  • So easy, kids can do it… effortlessly
  • Test foods, cleaning supplies, water, supplements, skin care, your spouse, pets and MORE