Intermediate / Consultant Level
Bachelors Degree level

Detoxification Techniques Consultant (Dtx Tech)

131 Credit Hours* $997.00 = $8.00/credit hour
Online Quiz and Certificate emailed upon successful completion of the quiz
Completion estimate – 3-9 months


Experienced and Proficient PROFESSIONAL

  • Get your solutions to Why, What, Where, Who and How!

We train beyond the Master Cleanse, eliminate diet, water fasting, or the latest greatest shenanigans. We offer lots of handouts and support tools that you have the right to copy for your clients for success.

  • Understand why headache location, location, location is important!

Understand the common causes based on the location of the headache and how to support a clearing reaction in your client during a detoxification program.

  • How to practically use home tests successfully to discover imbalances!

Don’t get stuck in the sewer! At home tests that help you determine if your client is detoxifying effectively or not.


Family Health COMMANDER and Believer

  • Discover why the Tooth/Organ connection is essential for real health!

…and you thought your kid just had another cavity… learn why those cavities are occurring and which related organ systems are trying to get your attention.

  • Learn real solutions to a Candida overgrowth without starving yourself or others!

We go beyond the starvation diet for candida/yeast. We actually teach you what it is and what it isn’t, and how to command its use within the body. Not all candida is bad, and not all sugar is bad, contrary to your latest blog “reports” and search engine recaps.

  • How to detox using kitchen supplies and your bathtub!

This does mean you may have to clean your bathtub, with non-toxic cleaner preferably. However, most kids like a bath, and you are able to double your energy in getting more out of that bath by cleansing the body that sneaky little way that moms like to do.


Savvy Supporter and Knowledge Seeker

  • How your toothpaste could be impacting your Thyroid!

We know, we know… your thyroid test came back just fine. We know, we know… you read the latest way to detoxify and you’re taking maple syrup, baking soda and lemons, and who knows what other concoction, because after all that fixes everything. Did you know, that the little component in your fluoride toothpaste can actually make your thyroid not work? Yep, we teach you that!

  • How your external or environment influences your health and solutions!

We’re all looking for that little silver bullet outside of ourselves, right!? Take the latest, greatest craze of pills, powders and potions, take this for that, and you will be better… but, understanding how our environment impacts our bodies ability to support itself as well. Learn some simple hacks, tips, tricks, shortcuts to cut to the chase and help your body once and for all!

  • Non-invasive solutions.

Learn how a $6 body brush can work like exercise, to detox the body, without leaving the house! We would love for you to leave the house to get fresh air, and no, in our detoxification training you don’t have to order food in to the bathroom because you are sitting on the throne indefinitely. Instead we show you how a body brush not only cleanses our largest organ, but how even kids love the massage.

Yes, your spouse will enjoy this too. ?

Here’s what you get:

What you get:

131 credit hours* and 664 pages of support material

  • EPIC Equipping:
    • Anatomy & Physiology Overview
    • Nutrition
    • Level of Health
  • Symptoms Solutions:
    • Candida/SIBO/Leaky Gut/Parasites
    • Dental/ Tooth Connection
    • Bad Breath
    • External Influence
    • Edema
    • Headaches
    • Seizures
  • Tools n Techniques:
    • Detoxification
    • Bathology/Hydrotherapy
    • Bonus with Betsy:
      • Ear Candling
      • FIR Sauna
      • Ion Foot Cleanse
      • Salt Lamp/caves
      • Oxygen/Ozone Therapy
    • Chelation
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Color Lamp Therapy
    • Body Balancing
    • Dry Brushing instruction sheet
    • Colon Hydrotherapy pdf
    • Forgiveness Prayer

Detoxification Techniques Consultant (Dtx Tech)

(Less than $8/Credit Hour )

  • 131 Credit Hours*
  • 664 pages of support material
  • Anatomy & Physiology Module
  • Nutrition Module
  • Symptom Solutions Modules
  • Tools & Techniques Modules
  • Certificate in Detoxification Techniques