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Hi , We are thrilled to have you as a part of our community. Click on the TABs (below) for links to your classes. Feel free to reach out to us with any need or question.
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BEGINNER: HWC (Health & Wellness), Women's Wellness, Male Intervention

*Qualifies for Certified Natural Health Professional, CNHP!

INTERMEDIATE: Detox, EBC (Emotional Balance), PWC (Pediatric Wellness)

*Qualifies for Certified Natural Health Professional, CNHP!

SPECIALTY: CHS (Clinical Health), MH (Master Herbalist), Iridology, Intuitive Energy Healer
PRACTITIONER: CAHP (Comp & Alt Health), CFN (Functional Naturopath), CISP (Integrative Symptoms)
ANGIE: Mentoring / Coaching
DESBIO Training: Adrenal, Leaky Gut, Thyroid
SELECTIONS: ABTI, FTN, Functional Blood Panels, MRT, Top Diseases
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