Specialist Level

Clinical Health Specialist


Who is this course for?

  • The Health food store owner and powerful employee
  • The person(s) that wants to take their health care back into their own hands
  • The Someone who desires sound knowledge from experienced practitioners not just a “blog” full of theory filled information
  • And yes YOU – looking for #truths and real information to bring to your community, to build your confidence, and to Ultimately get that set of initials behind your name!

EPIC Foundation / CNHP

Certification - 90 credit hours
($4,000 Value!)

  • A&P
  • Introduction to Homotoxicology
  • Nutritional Consulting
    →Over 30 Eating Strategies
    →Amino Acid Therapy
    →Body & Chemical Nutrients
    →Delivery Systems of Nutrients
    →Water Quality and Variations
    →Air Quality Determinations
  • Pillars of Health
  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology
  • Visceral Disease Symptoms
  • The Business of Natural Health Consultations
    →S.E.A.N Template
  • Relaxation Illumination
  • Nature’s First Aid- Botanical
  • External Influences on Wellness
  • Cravings Don’t Lie
  • Feng Shui
  • pH Impact/ Proper Calciums
  • Hair Analysis
  • IV Therapy
  • Magnet Therapy
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Dry Brush Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy/Bathology
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Chakras- The Lords Prayer

Symptom Solutions

  • Joint Pain
  • Stress/Anxiety

  • Heart and Circulation

  • Skin Issues

  • Thyroid Imbalances

  • Headaches

  • Energy/Fatigue

  • Blood Sugar Imbalances

  • GI Issues -Indigestion / Heart Burn

  • Coughs, Colds, Congestion


Tools & Techniques

  • Enzymes
  • Cell Salts
  • Herbology
  • Detoxification


  • Ear candling
  • Ozone therapy
  • Sauna therapy
  • Ion foot baths
  • And more

Clinical Health Specialist

A taste of what you’ll learn…

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Yep! in terms you will actually understand… after all flanges are really fingers in “our” world! (Value $297)
  • The details of HOW the body works… all the supplements in the world won’t help if you don’t understand HOW they are helping
  • Taught by Dr. Lisa Holt- an EPIC integrative approach


  • Beyond organic…Eating Strategies (aka diets), Nutritional deficiency signs and so much more. (Value $297)
  • Taught by our Certified Holistic Health Coach (Ashley) – graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition


Cell Salts

  • Small and mighty supplement that are EPIC for kids (Value $297)
  • The included reference manual exceeds 25 pages of clinical uses of the 12 original cell salts and the symptomatology associated with the deficiencies of these salts. (Yes for you to print and actually use.)


  • The good, the bad and the ugly. Which cleansing protocol is for you? (Value $297)
  • Taught by our Certified Detox Specialist (Angie) and includes many cultural #truths


  • Digestive, metabolic and how to utilize them and when (Value $297)
  • taught by our Enzyme Specialist (Angie) with over a decade of real life experience


  • Learning REAL and Practical use of herbs from the kitchen, garden or a package (Value $297)
  • Taught by our Master Herbalist (Terry) and includes a EPIC fun herb walk!


Our “Bonus with Betsy” module – We visit an actual practitioners office and we demonstrate/ discuss..….Ear candling, Ozone therapy, Sauna therapy, Ion Foot baths and more. Value $297.00 (And Something about a hoola hoop… hmmm)

Unlimited ONLINE access to the course modules/ materials- we let you watch and review over and over and over…..we want you to Master the topic this will EQUIP you for Success. Valued at Priceless

Clinical Application guide sheets to ensure you “know what you know”- This supports the thought process behind the solution and hands on experience of actually following a sequence for results. Valued at Priceless

Support pdfs to guide you and lead you to “pulling it all together”. We provide a roadmap to aid you in “getting in the head” of the training practitioner in order for you to have ready-made protocols and remedies to use for your community and clients. Valued at Priceless

TOTAL VALUE : $3076 and…

Career Goal:

  • Clinical Health Specialist
  • Certified Health Consultant

This is an online course equivalent to 119 Credit Hours* – Specialist Level.
844 pages of resource materials
LIFETIME Access! Learn at your own pace.
119 Credit Hours – less than $13.00/ credit hour
Online exam (must pass for certification)
Personalized Certificate/Diploma MAILED upon completion
Completion Estimate – 6- 12 months

Complete Program $1497
Only $13.00/credit hour

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By the way… CHS IS included in the CAHP program. Meaning all the material that is in CHS is ALSO in CAHP. Not sure if you are ready for CAHP but want to enjoy the level of CHS? Join now then you can move on up to the FULL CAHP program…
Because once you start learning the EPIC way… you will be hooked!!

Note: This course can be applied towards our comprehensive CAHP Program