Complementary Health Strategist (CHS)

Yes! All our courses QUALIFY for 23 CEUs required annually by the ANMCB

Included in Course:

This Certification allows you to integrate current knowledge or learn the basics and beyond that so many courses miss. If you do not understand the fundamentals, no lotion, potion or pill will correct the body. Add to that the invaluable Realistic application of common sense strategies for your symptoms…

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Amazing Health - the 14 MUST knows for creating any Strategy for a balanced health.

  • Amazing Health is a Choice
  • Make Health a Must
  • Automatic Success System
  • Z Before A
  • Ideal Liquid
  • No Rotten Food
  • Get the Bulls Going
  • Heavenly Health
  • Exceptional Perceptions
  • Active Sweaty Fun
  • Life Speed
  • Total Alignment
  • Have a Support Team
  • Now!

TOP 10 Symptoms and HOW to create a Strategy to remedy them.

How does it work:

Steps to Success:

Step 1: – Watch the videos and complete the supportive pdf worksheets.
Step 2: – Apply your knowledge by utilizing the strategies and solutions indicated in the video training.
Step 3: – Be involved in the SASS coaching interactive sessions.
Step 4: – Complete your FINAL EXAM.
Step 5: – Receive your CHS completion certificate.

Your Final Exam is a little different. We are not offering “open book” online testing…..we are not insisting you write a 25 page Dissertation so you can tell us about something that may be relevant or not.

NOPE- we are all about YOU OWNING your knowledge!

You will provide a VIDEO (yes it will be used for others to see) covering the following topics answers:

1- WHY is the CHS the foundations of health?
2- WHY is it important to MASTER these concepts before moving on to more…more and more?
3- Your Biggest AH HA moment within the course?
4- What is your favorite MODULE and WHY? and drum roll please….
5- HOW are you going to APPLY the knowledge you learned. So what in the next 30 days will you APPLY to your life in relationship to the knowledge gained from the CHS course?

Yep…we know its a little different. But, quite frankly we want to KNOW you are going to take action and positively IMPACT the world…not just write a boring paper that none of us want to read!
…yes there are more details to come in regards of HOW to get us the video…stay tuned….we cant wait :))

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$3600 Value… All for only $1497

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3 months (Includes Service Fee) = $1617.00 at $539.00/month

CHS designation – Complementary Health Strategist

6 week Delivery time frame (with full price purchase)

Week 1 – Amazing
Week 2 – Health – Now
Week 3 – Nutrition
Week 4 – Anatomy and Symptoms: 1) Joint Pain 2) Stress/Anxiety
Week 5 – Symptoms: 1) Circulation/Heart 2) Skin Issues 3) Thyroid 4) Headaches
Week 6 – Symptoms: 1) Energy/Fatigue 2)Blood Sugar Imbalances 3) Indigestion/GI issues 4) Coughs/Colds/Congestion

3 month Delivery time frame (with payment plan purchase)

Month 1– Amazing Health – Now / Nutrition, Anatomy
Month 2– Symptoms: 1)Stress/Anxiety/Depression 2) Circulation/Heart 3) Skin Issues 4) Thyroid 5) Joint Pain
Month 3– Symptoms: 6)Headaches 7) Energy/Fatigue 8)Blood Sugar Imbalances 9) Indigestion/GI issues 10) Coughs/Colds/Congestion

Personal Empowerment Course- Where we EQUIP you!

Everything in Natural Health starts here.

  1. Amazing Health (8:45:03 )= entire course =$1000.00
  2. 10 symptoms (8:34:23) = $1000.00
  3. Nutrition = $300.00 (2:31 hours)
  4. Anatomy = 300.00 ( 2:49 hours)

SYMPTOMS included:

  • Joint Pain= (36:02)
  • Stress/Anxiety/ Depression = (51:16)
  • Heart/Circulation = ( 51:11)
  • Skin Issues= (1:15:48)
  • Thyroid Imbalances (31:38)
  • Headaches = (46:44)
  • Energy/Fatigue/ Adrenal = (38:47)
  • Blood Sugar Imbalances = (1:16:38)
  • GI Issues / Indigestion / Heart Burn = (1:06:02)
  • Coughs, Colds, Congestion = (42:28)

TOTAL hours of instruction = over 22 hours

Designation FINAL – Video must be completed PRIOR to receiving the Certification for Completion. Note- Certification will be mailed to you upon completion.

Check out our Bonuses!

$3600 Value… All for only $1497

Or select our 3-PAY PLAN HERE
3 months (Includes Service Fee) = $1617.00 at $539/month



The details of HOW the body works….all the supplements in the world wont help if you don’t understand HOW they are helping.

Valued at $197.00


ALL good strategies include Nutritional understanding

Valued at $297.00

Amazing Health Book

Signed by the author and delivered to your door for ongoing reference.

Valued at $29.97

S.A.S.S. Coaching

3 months of scheduled mentoring and coaching by those with experience and proven results driven strategies. We WANT you to have SUCCESS by EMPOWERING and EQUIPPING.

Valued at $997.00


ONLINE access to the course modules/ materials- we let you watch and review over and over and over…..we want you to Master the topic this will EQUIP you for Success.

Valued at Priceless

Clinical Application guide sheets

To ensure you “know what you know”- This supports the thought process behind the solution.

Valued at Priceless

Support pdfs

To guide you and lead you to “pulling it all together”.

Valued at Priceless

$3600 Value… All for only $1497

3 months (Includes Service Fee) = $1617.00 at $539/month