Intermediate / Consultant Level
Bachelors Degree level


290 credit hours – $2997.00 = $10/credit hour
Online exam and certificate/diploma MAILED upon successful completion.
Completion estimate – 6-14 months


Experienced and Proficient PROFESSIONAL

  • Don’t fear a medical diagnosis. Learn the systems involved!

Ever wanted to know the top dis-eases and the body systems they belong to? Join our Nurse Practitioner as she explains the Allopathic view, and integrate it with natural options.

  • How to use Iridology to triangulate imbalances!

Yes, we are asking you to look into our eyes to see the color, to see the markings, and quite frankly, just be able to see, so join us and we will teach you some shortcuts to triangulating with Iridology and know what is going on in your body.

  • Utilizing Muscle Response Therapy beyond supplement needs!

There is no mystery here. Your body is talking, by responding to what you are feeding it beyond food, so learn how to give it what, and how much it wants so that you can be on your way to greatness!


Family Health COMMANDER and Believer

  • How to use the body to help discern food sensitivities!

Take me out to the ball game, buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks… wait, NO! Root, root, root for your body by winning the food sensitivity game with no strikes out!

  • Nutrition tips that are helpful for energy/fatigue!

Food is energy, and you’re not feeling it? Learn helpful tips to make your nutrition plan work for you, and get back to living life in the fast lane!!


Savvy Supporter and Knowledge Seeker

  • Learn about Food Allergies and their neutralizing nutritional antidotes!

Antidote? For Food? You’d think we’re talking poison… well, really, we are, because certain foods poison certain bodies. Learn how to neutralize the effects of food allergies effectively.

  • How your social style grid impacts anxiety and depression!

Learn about the link between depression, anxiety, and your social style. Learn to love yourself, forgive others, and be okay with being EPIC! It’s the least we can do.

  • Counterbalancing nutrient deficiencies created by prescription medicines!

Taking that prescription pill may help you feel better now… but be sure you are supporting your body against the small print side-effects that you were told about after you sold your kidney to pay your deductible.

Here’s what you get:

What you get:

Over 60 program hours and 1700+ pages of support material

  • EPIC Equipping:
    • Anatomy & Physiology Overview
    • Nutrition / Eating Strategies
    • Your Level of Health
  • Symptoms Solutions Video Modules:
    • Cholesterol
    • Blood Sugar
    • Heart/Circulation
    • GI Issues
    • Stress/Anxiety/Depression
    • Energy/Fatigue
    • Gallbladder/Stones
    • Blood Pressure
    • Autoimmune
  • Tools n Techniques:
    • TOP Dis-Ease names / Nutrient Deficiencies
    • TOP Pharma Drugs
    • Iridology
    • MRT (Muscle Response Testing)
    • Face Tongue Nail (FTN)
    • Enzymes
    • Functional Blood Panels
    • Organ/Time sheet
    • Organ/Season sheet
    • Relaxation Illumination by Trina Brunk (Audio)
    • IV Therapy – How it works


$10/credit hour

  • 290 credit hours
  • 14 hours of video training
  • 1700+ pages of support material
  • Anatomy & Physiology Module
  • Nutrition Module
  • Symptom Solutions Modules
  • Tools & Techniques Modules
  • Certificate in Certified Functional Naturopath (CFNP)

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