Certified Intuitive Energy Healer

Yes! Medical CEUs offered thru Westbrook University and
Academy Epic programs qualify for ANMCB requirements!

This in-depth course guides you through an empowering self-discovery process and instills a unique understanding of energy’s role in everyday life. Learn healing techniques that have been used for centuries to promote wellness in the mind, body, and spirit.

Students complete six online modules containing information, guided meditations, journaling prompts, and more. Upon completion of the online course work, students are invited to a 30+ Hour live event where they will gain hands-on experience with experts in the field.

Do more than survive, THRIVE and watch your wildest dreams come true!

Included in the Course

Over 40 program hours – This includes an in-person LIVE certification final

Online Preparatory Coursework

Upon successfully applying to the Certified Intuitive Energy Healer course, students will receive a syllabus and a short introductory video. For the duration of the Online Preparatory Coursework, our Expert – Jewel – will be available for answers to questions and support.

Module One – Introduction to Energy

  • Introductory Video explaining the basics of energy in an approachable, memorable way. Real life and relatable scenarios will be shared to establish a healthy understanding of what energy is.

Module Two – Energy Over The Ages

  • Video touches upon ancient healing techniques, key names in energy history, the evolution of energy healing over time, and the future of energy healing.

Module Three – Vocabulary

  • Complete list of Energy Vocabulary will be given
  • Video exploring noteworthy vocabulary words

Module Four – Meditation & Connection

  • Variations and suggestions for a more successful meditation practice
  • Access to audio-recorded guided meditations. Each guided meditation will focus on a different component of energy healing.

Module Five – Intention / What is your DREAM?

  • “Inspiration through Daydreaming” Guided Meditation

Module Six – A Clear Channel

  • Exploring techniques for clearing stagnant energy from the body and raising personal vibration.
  • “Clean Energy” yoga class with step-by-step guidance through empowering and freeing yoga asanas.

BONUS Module – The Benefits of Energy Healing

  • Video on the power of energy healing.

Teacher: Jewel Carroll
Master Energy Healer, 200 RYT

More about Jewel

Must Attend One of these Live Events:

  • April 19 thru April 22 – St. Louis, MO
  • July 19 thru July 22 – Denver, CO
  • Oct 18 thru Oct 21 – Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

(Required for Completion.)

We are EPIC for a reason —
and our reason is You!

Payment plan timeline:

  • With your down payment you get online modules 1-3
  • With your second payment, modules 4–6
  • With your final payment, bonus and attendance to a LIVE event for certification

Certified Intuitive Energy Healer

$1,000 Off for the NEXT 25 Students Only!

$1497 $497

  • SIX Full Online Modules
  • BONUS Module
  • INCLUDES the 4-Day Hands On Live Event

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Payment plan includes a service fee.
Must be PIF to attend live event and receive certification.
Please Note: No refunds for failure to complete the course and/or attend the live event.