Nikki Howard – CAHP-BC

Nikki Howard

Specialties: RBTI, Homeopathy, Nutrition

Nikki Howard, CAHP
Specialties: RBTI, Homeopathy, Nutrition

340 Main St, Owego, New York 13827

Nikki Howard grew up in Penfield, New York but left the area to attend college at Ohio Wesleyan University. She moved to Atlantic Beach, Florida, where she married her husband of 26 years. They have lived in and outside the United States as a member of the Armed Forces.

Upon retirement, her family came back to the Fingerlakes area and she now resides in “small-town” America, trying to make a difference through beekeeping and natural health! Our family lives on our “farmette” in downtown Owego where we have had everything from rabbits to chickens to ducks, and now bees. Beekeeping has been one of the most interesting and rewarding hobbies where one can truly observe a whole ecosystem in one small box. I give God all the glory for my success and the product of his truly amazing creation.

I have a BS in Biology from the University of North Florida and a B.A. in International Business from Ohio Wesleyan University and my C.N.H.P and C.H.S from Trinity School of Natural Health with additional certifications in homeopathy and herbal studies. I have received my Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner certification from Academy Epic.

My focus has been on RBTI (pH balancing), homeopathy, nutrition and the power of food in healing.

My honey business is called Urban Farm Girl Apiary and my practice is “Chase After Health.”

Sarah Korman – Xtract™, CAPH-BC,

Sarah Korman

Xtract™, CAPH-BC

Sarah Korman
Alternative Healthcare, Xtract™

(573) 576-2888
Rhineland, MISSOURI 65069

Sarah’s journey into natural health & wellness began early in life, growing up on a farm, being curious & interested in all of the natural world around her. Mesmerized by Muscle Response Testing as a child, she continued to seek answers, becoming a forever student of Natural Health into adulthood.

A married, (busy!) Scouts/Football mom of 4, Sarah has had her own personal health journey for her & her children. Her personal moment of “Why?” began when her (now healthy 12 yr old) son…started crawling everywhere after walking for a year. Sought answers from numerous pediatricians & specialists… she could not accept the “growing pains” answer from traditional medicine.

Seeking further help from a Naturopath Doctor, wanting to find the root-cause of the issue, and truly help her son, was a turning point for Sarah! Her children are all happy, healthy, active kids who have benefited from Mom’s pursuit of ‘answers’… and the best healthy lifestyle she can provide for her family.

The logical next step for Sarah was her extensive studies with Academy EPIC, graduating as a Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner in 2017 & becoming an XTract™ Facilitator in 2018.

AND Now… Sarah is following her Life Passion & is able to assist other moms & families in their own search for answers & to assist in achieving their personal best natural health outcome!

Kris Rockwell CHS, CNHP, ND

Kris Rockwell


Kris Rockwell, CHS, CNHP, ND Specialties: Biochemical Wellness Analysis, Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathy

Panama City, Fl 32404

Kris Rockwell is a Doctor of Naturopathy, Certified Health Specialist, and Certified Natural Health Professional working with people that want to improve their quality of life. By using an alternative, natural approach to healthcare and prevention, Kris helps people reach their health goals, obtain optimal health, feel better, and have more energy

Health is one of the most important and precious things that we can possess. Kris believes that being healthy and feeling good makes living more enjoyable and fulfilling by being able to do the things we want to do, with the people we love. Having the peace of mind and security of being pain free and healthy helps us to achieve a high quality of life that we all desire.

For close to a decade, Kris has been researching and studying natural health and is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life and feel their very best by giving them the tools and resources they need to develop healthy lifestyle habits, using nutritional supplements and herbs, addressing emotional and spiritual issues, teaching about healthy eating and cooking, and by using biochemical analysis and homeopathic remedies.

Kris is a Certified Health Specialist and Certified Natural Health Professional, who is trained in RBTI and holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health.

Precious Rutlin – Trichologist & Holistic Health Practitioner

Precious Rutlin

Trichologist & Holistic Health Practitioner

Precious Rutlin
Hair Loss/Hair Thinning, Womens Health

(314) 275-0663
3159 Fee Fee Rd, Ste 207
Bridgeton, MO 63044

Precious is dedicated to serving God and humanity. Precious is a Certified Trichologist, Certified Naturopathic Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Licensed Cosmetologist and Best Selling Co-Author of Perfectly Imperfect: Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of God and Transition: Create the Life You Desire and The Pieces Within.

She is passionate about helping women take a holistic approach to wellness. Precious is also the CEO of Hair Health Happiness Trichology & Wellness Clinic.

When she is not working or volunteering, she reads and spends time with her husband, kids, and family pets.

Christina Sessums, MSW, CNHP, INTERN CAHP

Christina Sessums

Autoimmune Disease & 4 Legged Furry Children Specialist

Christina Sessums, MSW, CNHP, CAHP
Specialties: Autoimmune Disease & 4 Legged Furry Children Specialist
Services: Aroma Freedom Therapy Technique (AFT), Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Biochemical Wellness (arbti), Bio-Feedback Testing (zyto elite) , Biomat, Chelation Therapy – Non IV, Color Therapy (People & 4 Legged Furry Children), Detox, Face/Tongue/ Nail Analysis (FTN), Homeopathy (People & 4 Legged Furry Children), Young Living Essential Oils

1000 Heritage Center Circle
Round Rock, Texas 78664

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work, 20+ years in supporting both children and adults with special medical and mental health needs. I am also a Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified in Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) and a CAHP Intern (Graduating Summer 2018).

As an Autoimmune Disease Specialist, I help men and women dealing with Autoimmune Disease who are committed to feeling their best; learn how to restore their health naturally through a transformative process of reconnecting with your body so you can have the energy to do what you want to do every day! I also support your 4 legged furry children.

I can help you create and implement sustainable lifestyle changes by understanding that your whole body (mind, body and spirt) works together as one flowing system. Together we will identify the root causes that are preventing you from obtaining your optimum health goals. We will develop a plan to create free flowing pathways for better internal body communication by creating a modern day email system within your body without a junk and clutter box for signals to get lost in.

If you ever wish you could call a concierge service, at an affordable price, and get 1:1 help to navigate your health maze you need to call me. I have the ability to empower you by helping you determine what your options are so you can decide how to navigate the maze you are in. Knowledge is power. When you are provided the options available I am confident that you can make the best informed decisions for you and your loved ones.

I want to help you do more than just survive, I Want YOU to Thrive. Could one conversation change your life? CALL ME TODAY (512-265-0303) OR SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE!

Office and Remote Sites in Texas: Fort Worth, Georgetown, Port Aransas, Round Rock, Temple, San Antonio. Client’s supported via ZOOM throughout the World!

Kari Solomon, CAHP-BC

Kari Solomon, CAHP

Specialties: Zyto Elite Body Scan, Evox Reframing
(for Stress Relief and Emotional Release)

Kari Solomon, CAHP
Specialties: Zyto Elite Body Scan, Evox Reframing

816 6th Avenue
DeWitt, IA 52742

I am Kari Solomon, a Complementary & Alternative Natural Health Care Practitioner, owner of My Vital Force Wellness Center, in DeWitt, IA.

We are changing lives with customized plans and programs designed to restore your health and vitality. Let’s stop just treating various symptoms and start really building health! My goal is to add vitality and change lives. Bringing you hope and finding the right options for your better health. I am looking for people that are ready to see real change for better health! Is that you?

Let create a plan customized for you. Let’s put together the pieces of the natural health care puzzle for you. Using many tools and techniques available here, including Zyto biofeedback body scans and Evox Reframing.

Did you know that unresolved emotions are a root cause of many physical symptoms? I love to help people work through those with a special therapy I use called Evox Reframing. This is my specialty service I offer. Check out my website or FB page to see the many testimonials about how Evox sessions have truly changed people’s lives.

Evox biofeedback sessions have a wide variety of benefits, such as, a stress reduction therapy. It brings a sense of peace, calmness, clears the congestion in the mind, the chatter, and increases clarity. If you would like an easy way to help deal with stress, release emotional triggers, get clarity and peace for your future, contact me for an Evox session.