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It’s summer. That’s great! The kids are out of school. That’s great, too! But summer is a time of kids getting bumps, bruises, allergies, cuts, scrapes, all the things that come with being outdoors.

Want to learn how to help them overcome these minor issues? Naturally and inexpensively? Then you want to sign up RIGHT NOW for Academy EPIC’s Pediatric Wellness program. You’ll learn about how to handle all the hard knocks of childhood, including what’s in Nature’s First Aid Kit and how to handle winter issues (colds, flu, fevers, etc.) as well as the summer issues listed above. You’ll learn about bedwetting, headaches, respiratory problems, the list goes on and on and on.

I’m not kidding about signing up RIGHT NOW. This EPIC program is ON SALE at an incredible price, but the sale ends JUNE 30. Which is, like, TOMORROW. Use the code EPICJUNE at checkout here to get all the videos, handouts, and other materials for only $248.50. Sign up now so that you can handle every bump and bruise the kids bring you!

Ready, Set, GO