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Did you know there are 17 different kinds of headaches? And that 90% of people have a headache at least once in their life? This is NOT news to me—I’m one of the 15% of those who suffer with severe headaches or migraines. And there’s twice as many women as men that suffer with this type of pain.

Once I asked Dr. Bruce Shelton, an amazing homeopathic formulator, why there wasn’t just a combination homeopathic that would fix headaches. I thought that would be a miracle cure for me and everyone else! But he said that there were so many different things that caused headaches, and you needed to “dig deeper”—isn’t that the perfect answer for us Academy EPIC people? You need to know the REASON WHY the person has the headache to help relieve the pain. For example, if someone has a right-sided, bursting headache with constipation, bryonia alba might help. But it probably won’t work for a hangover-type headache with nausea—you’ll need some nux vomica for that. And there’s a TON of modalities other than homeopathy that can help—reflexology, Bach flowers, nutrition . . . .

Do YOU want to know all about headaches? Lucky for you, Academy EPIC has a quick guide to headaches in their Simply Solutions section.

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