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And tell me what you see. What if you could see that I have crazy stuff going on inside my body, things like high blood pressure, liver problems, gallbladder issues, allergies? Could it really be that simple and non-invasive to discover these problems?

Better Living says yes! It’s that easy! According to an article titled 10 Conditions that Iridology Can Detect, ( “Iridology is a non-invasive way of reading signals from the body to indicate where health concerns may lie. While it can’t necessarily diagnose diseases, it’s extremely useful for understanding which areas of the body the health practitioner should pay attention to and which parts may be at risk for the development of certain ailments.”

By looking into the eyes of your children, family members, loved ones, friends, patients, even YOURSELF!, you can understand which body parts you should be watching and catch problems before they even start. Problems like digestive issues, a weakened immune system, and inflammation, right there in someone’s eyes!

How can you get this amazing knowledge? Fortunately, AcademyEPIC has an EPIC Iridology course! Starring none other than Iridology Expert Brenda Generali. Brenda starts you out easy with “Introduction to Iridology” and “Beginning Iridology,” then moves you into “Intermediate Iridology” and “Iridology Skills.” You’ll finish with a two-day Advanced Practitioner course and go home with the title of “Advanced Iridology Practitioner”! The course includes videos, an instruction manual, a practice manual, a test guide, and more photos of eyes than you’ve ever seen!

Get on over to AcademyEPIC to sign up for this amazing course. You’ll never look anyone right in the eyes the same way again!