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No, this isn’t one of those crazy sales that only run for 24 hours. This is, really, a sale all about hot flashes. And all the other practically unbelievable things that happen when a woman’s hormones get out of whack. AcademyEPIC has a “Wellness Woman” collection that gives you everything a girl needs to know about getting her hormones back on track.

You’ll learn about temperature regulation, hormone phases, and what hormones do in a woman’s body. You’ll find easy tests you can do at home to understand how your hormones are functioning and if they need help. You’ll understand what it looks like when estrogen or progesterone are deficient or in excess. You’ll even get bonuses like a self-love exercise, a life purpose meditation, and some deep breathing exercises!

However, this sale has a time limit—you have to sign up before September 4, 2018. You’ll get over 44 hours of training and more than 975 pages of support material FOR ONLY $248.50!

Head on over to the Maximizing Women’WomenHealth module to learn more—before the next hot flash strikes!