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If you haven’t already had a chance to “fling” this spring, you have almost missed it! Check out Academy Epic’s truly EPIC Spring Fling sale. Here’s the scoop:
While Angie was gone, celebrating her birthday on an EPIC ADVENTURE, the Board at Academy Epic decided to give her a present. What did she want? Well, because she’s Angie, she wanted to give something TO YOU. So, we surprised her with the most EPIC sale of the Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP) program that you will EVER SEE!
The CAHP program is being offered from now until Saturday, May 26, at $1000 off the regular price!
This program is absolutely the best education in natural health you’ll find anywhere. More than 300 hours of instruction with over 25 experienced masters, and support, support, support, everywhere you look. On Facebook, conference calls, website, everywhere, you’ll find help to get you through the program and on to building your own business.
Sound a little overwhelming right now in your life? Well, you can spread that 300 hours of education over time AS LONG AS YOU NEED to. There is no time limit. You do it at your own pace and take your own sweet time. You can also set up a payment plan to help you spread the cost out.
But DO IT NOW. If you’ve ever thought you might want to do this program, even sometime in the future, SIGN UP TODAY. Angie only turns 50 once, and . . . . well . . . she’s probably not going to let the Board run any specials again any time soon!
For more info about the CAHP Program and a link to sign up, click here. IT WILL BE EPIC!