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Fun series…..Face Talk and Body Talk……enjoy

This month we are talking about FINGERNAILS….

Each finger represents an ORGAN…here goes

  • Thumbnails = colon and intestinal tract
  • Index Fingers =liver and gallbladder – emotional well being
  • Middle Fingers =heart, lungs and circulation
  • Ring Fingers = kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas and reproduction
  • Pinky Fingers = lymphatic system, endocrine system, spleen, the brain and spine;  ALL influenced by the kidney

ALL these finger nails should have a “moon” EXCEPT the pinky.  A moon would be found at the base of the nail and look like a white half circle.  The MOON is related to CIRCULATION and especially can tell you the health of that corresponding ORGAN.

In Chinese medicine, they look at the ALL the finger nails understanding all is a part of the WHOLE.

Spring is the Season……

Keep in mind we are moving out of KIDNEY STONE season……

Continue PLENTY of WATER….dry brushing….and begin FRESH live and raw Salads!