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On April 19-22, Jewel Carroll led the first live Certified Intuitive Energy Healer event in St. Louis. Everyone who attended felt the change in energy!

Megan Wagner said, “It was PHENOMENAL! What an awesome weekend of personal growth this was. Many new friendships were made, and it was an unforgettable experience! Academy Epic is full of awesome, amazing, wicked smart, and REAL teachers, who are supportive, nurturing, encouraging, empowering, inspiring, and so much other incredible-ness! I came away with so many powerful tools I can use in my own life and to help others. It was such a cool, loving, energetic environment to be in, and just rejuvenating for the soul!”

Megan and others experienced Jewel’s loving and healing nature in a weekend full of learning, love, and friendship. Jewel loved teaching throughout the weekend and meeting the amazing students. She said, “There is no greater gift than witnessing your students embrace their power and dive heart first into their infinite potential as leaders, healers, and world changers. Anything can happen when you believe and trust in yourself fully. Through the Certified Intuitive Energy Healer course, I am able to witness first hand just how powerful an idea can be when it is met with an eagerness to become better.”

If you want to have this experience of light and love in your own life, you are only three steps away:

Step 1: Click here to access the “Certified Intuitive Energy Healing” program.

Step 2: Sign up for the online preparatory coursework. Enjoy the courses as Jewel leads you through them.

Step 3: To complete your intuitive energy healing work, sign up for the live weekend course either July 19-22 in Denver (Angie’s home base) or October 18-21 in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida (Jewel’s home area). Attend the event, be filled with love, light, and friendship, and return home with the knowledge that you are a being of endless light and luminescent love, ready to change the world with your gifts!