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You’ve already earned the title “Dr. Mom.” (Or maybe, like me, you’re “Dr. Grammie.”) Bandaging cuts, kissing bumps and bruises, relieving sore throats and coughs, sitting up all night with a feverish child . . . you do this already, right? So why not learn more about how to make everything better naturally? And inexpensively?

Academy EPIC is bringing the Dr. Natural Mom workshop to a city near you this summer! At this EPIC event, you’ll learn natural ways to relieve common problems such as constipation, headaches, sleep issues, behavior problems, the list goes on and on. You’ll hear tips and tricks on how to read the body’s signals to see what’s really going on. And did you know you already have a cabinet full of medicines in your KITCHEN? Learn what spices and herbs you can use to relieve minor symptoms so you don’t have to pay to go to the doctor! Dr. Angie goes beyond just physical health, too. You’ll learn how to handle emotional issues that we all experience, such as feelings of anxiousness, feeling down and dumpy, and constant worry (no mom EVER does that, right?).

Because it’s an EPIC event, there will be all kinds of exciting surprises, like free stuff and who knows what else? Take back your own healthcare and the care of your family with Dr. Natural Mom!

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Dates are subject to change,
check our up-to-the-minute Event Schedule HERE