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The first time someone mentioned “cell salts” to me, I thought, “Great. Another fancy salt. I don’t need more fancy schmancy salts to add to the cupboard. I’ve already got Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Salt with Icelandic Moss, Grey Sea Salt with French Lavender, and who knows what else? What other kinds of salt could I possibly need?”

Well, cell salts aren’t fancy. They are really, really BASIC. They are SO basic that they are the building blocks of the body! You NEED these salts for your body to function correctly. They are called “cell” because you need them at the cellular level and “salt” because they are formed from the minerals that your body needs, like phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. When you have mineral imbalances in your body, you are more susceptible to common health problems, so this is a great (and easy!) way to get those minerals inside you—and especially inside the kids!

AcademyEPIC has an amazing program to learn about cell salts. It includes the biochemistry of cell salts, how to know which one to use when, and how to use them with kids. You won’t believe what you didn’t know!

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