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Today in Salt Lake City (my home), the temperature will be 100 degrees. We always say, “Oh, it’s a dry heat,” but honestly, it’s still freakin’ hot. I want to stay inside and do . . . . not much. It’s just too dang hot.

So I’ve been checking out the AcademyEPIC Certified Intuitive Energy Healer course. I can sit around in the air conditioning with a tall, cool glass of iced tea (today it’s Love Your Liver tea!) and watch videos. Jewel Carroll, the absolutely amazing Master Energy Healer who teaches the course, has a relaxing, calming voice. She’s sharing ancient energy healing techniques, lots of real-life scenarios, and guided meditations. My favorite is the “Inspiration Through Daydreaming” module! I can finish all the homework, then head to the live, hands-on completion course with Jewel at her home base in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida in October.

I’m feeling inspired! I should jump up and go do something . . . Nah . . . It’s too hot. I’ll just stay here, relax, and daydream, healing my stagnant energy with Jewel . . . .