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I don’t need a course called “bathology.” I’m already an expert. Warm, soothing water, fluffy bubbles or some relaxing essential oils, dim lights, closed door (no kids or animals!), a great book. See? Expert status.
But . . . that’s not really what bathology is all about. Turns out, I’m just an expert in one teeny, tiny part of bathology or hydrotherapy. There is a world of information out there about how water can help you heal. You can work with cold water, hot water, steam, ice, light water pressure, jet water pressure, whole body, body part, internal, external, stimulating, relaxing. . . . the list is as endless as the symptoms you’re working with. In Academy Epic’s Bathology/Hydrotherapy program, you’ll learn how to do all this and more!
You’ll find scientific evidence on how different forms of water therapy help different body systems. You’ll find bath time recipes that help soothe and calm. (Putting herbs, essential oils, Bach flowers, or homeopathics in bath water is a GREAT way to get them into kids! Especially right before bed!) And, of course, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to make this all happen.

Sign up for Academy Epic’s Bathology program here. It’s a great price at $27! $4.99 (Use promo code: EPICMAY but only until May 31, 2018)

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