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Being PROUD of your accomplishments is GODLY; being arrogant of your success is not. Our little voice does not distinguish between the two, and you are soon not open to receive proudly your compliments or the WIN, even when you have clearly worked for it. You begin to believe, “It’s no big deal.” Breaking the pattern and mentality that winning a top award or reaching any level of success is “no big deal” or “oh, it was just luck” is a must if you are to achieve greatness. How you handle success is as important as how you handle failure. Remember, your children are watching!

To learn to accept and to recall the WIN, try the following “anchoring” method: First, make a fist with your right hand. Pull it into your body with your arm and emphatically say, “YES!” Work with me here. I know it’s a little hokey, but it works because the physical gesture and verbal command “anchor” this win to your body. This is what we need! Now, every time you have a WIN (even if it’s only a little win to you) anchor it by pulling your fist into your body and saying, “YES!”

Second, recognize what your Little Voice is saying to you when you WIN. If the voice is not supportive, then you need to reprogram the Chatter Matter so it is consistent with the body language of the anchor. You then will add to the “YES” a statement like this:

“I deserve this WIN because I earned it!” or “I deserve this WIN because I was prepared.”

This added statement alone will increase your energy and force the Little Voice onto your side. Use this “anchoring” technique any time you need to change your state of mind, such as when you are faced with intimidation. To disrupt and reverse your normal pattern of negative Chatter Matter, simply state to your Little Voice, “STOP!” And then recall your WIN with your verbal and physical anchor.

Our goal here is to build energy, hope and confidence in ourselves and to realize that we have Greatness in us… conquer your negative Chatter Matter!

(Excerpt from the book Sensational Sanity Savvy Strategies)