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How to replace sugar in your life with healthier alternatives:

MOLASSES: Blackstrap Molasses is considered to be the healthiest and most nutrient dense type.

1. Loaded with iron, manganese and copper—minerals that boost oxygen delivery to the body’s cell;
2. Detoxifies—naturally flushes out fats, pollutants and toxins from your body.

Swap It: You can swap 1 cup of molasses for 1 cup of sugar in all your baking recipes. Molasses is also a great substitute for brown sugar. Try adding 1 tablespoon on oatmeal or in warm water every day.

STEVIA: This Sweet Amazonian herb is 300 times sweeter than sugar! In its original form, it is a green leaf; however, you can buy it in liquid or white powder forms at your local grocery store.

1. Stevia’s nutrients help build bone density and improve the body’s absorption of calcium;
2. It is known to lower blood sugar, due to naturally occurring chromium picolinate, which is great for diabetics;
3. Stevia is proven to harden tooth enamel and even prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Swap It: Just 2 drops of Stevia liquid is equal to 1 tablespoon of sugar. Search online for Sugar Free baking recipes that use the powder or liquid forms of Stevia.

AGAVE: The sweet nectar of the Agave plant contains saponins, which attack bacteria and toxins in the body.

1. Agave contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds;
2. It also contains Inulin, which protects the digestive tract and boosts immunity.

Swap It: ¼ cup of agave equals 1 full cup of white sugar.

XYLITOL: A natural sweetener derived from the birch tree.

1. Xylitol blocks bacteria’s ability to stick to tissues, especially in the nose and Eustachian tubes, preventing colds, ear infections and sinus problems;
2. It also aids in increasing the body’s white blood cells that fight off infections.

Swap It: Use the same amount of Xylitol as you would sugar.

HONEY: Made special by bees☺ RAW and Unheated honey has the best medicinal properties. The darker the honey, the better.

1. Honey boasts immunity-boosting antioxidants;
2. It also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties;
3. Honey can be used externally for its healing properties as well.

Swap It: Honey is 1-½ times sweeter than sugar. Use HALF the amount of honey than you would regular sugar.

SUCANAT: It is a minimally refined form of cane sugar.

Facts: Sucanat has a grainy texture and a Molasses taste.

Swap It: Cup for cup of white sugar; however, I usually use ¾ cup in place of 1 cup sugar. Why? Sucanat can be a little strong for some folks.

Excerpt from the book Sensational Sanity Savvy Strategies)