2019 Affiliate Program…

The news is, for each of your referrals we are now paying EPIC commissions…

Up to $4,000*

That’s right! FOUR Thousand Dollars for anyone you refer who signs up and Pays in FULL for the CAHP course.
Earn $2,000 for those who sign up and select the CAHP 12-month payment plan (payable at $500 per quarter for each in good standing).

No purchase necessary to PLAY in our Affiliate program. Every one is Welcome….
start your “almost” passive income adventure today!

* Affiliate program does NOT APPLY for ANY “on sale” programs.
If the CAHP course (etc) is ever offered at a discount or “on sale” price,
the affiliate program is temporarily suspended with or without notice.

Note: CAHP goes “Waitlist” only SOON!

(Meaning ONLY with an Invite or Referral will someone be able to go on the “WAITLIST” for their discovery call.)

If you have NOT signed up for our previous affiliate program, do so now:

Head’s up: The username and password to enter below will be for the login to your affiliate panel. Note – Your “username” will also be part of your tracking link, so we suggest keeping it short, initials perhaps!

Then follow the same instructions

If you DID sign up as an affiliate before… you’re set to go!

  1. Login HERE, click on “Link Generator” in the left sidebar and you’ll see your personalized affiliate link. You MUST use your link so your referrals can be tracked by the software! No tracking, no commissions… period!
  2. Copy and paste that link into an email or post, on social media, or add it to your website. Better yet on ALL of the above!
  3. Entice family, friends, co-workers, your network, acquaintances, friends of friends, and any other interested people to click on your link and check out the program! For example, write something beneficial about the CAHP program that you want to share and include your link!
  4. After your referral purchases the CAHP program, you will receive $2,000* or $4000. It’s a great way to support your own business (life) with an easy influx of almost passive income! How EPIC is that?!
    (*on CAHP payment plan purchases, payable at $500 per quarter.)