Become a Power Partner

Here is how it works:

Step 1– Sign up to become a Power Partner with Academy EPIC
(a/k/a an Affiliate Partner). You will be provided a SPECIFIC link that represents your ID number within the link.

Step 2– You “share” your link with folks that would BENEFIT from ANY of the courses Academy EPIC offers. This can be shared Via email directly to them or your connections via Social Media.

Your Network is your Net worth.

Step 3– You will receive the following as our THANK YOU for trusting our Education and referring it to others…


Power Partner Sign Up:

Program Structure***:

CAHP $1,000 per purchase* (Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner)

Simply Symptoms $500 per purchase*

CHS $500 per purchase* (Complementary Health Strategist)

Complementary Collections $100 per purchase*

Specific Selections $100 per purchase*

SPANISH CAHP (Not applicable at this time)*

Important Notes:

* Thank you monies may change with or without notice. We also reserve the right to INCREASE or DECREASE the amounts during promotional periods. Discounts on applicable programs WILL also apply to payouts. For example, IF we ever discount CAHP again (likely not) the thank you monies will be discounted at the same rate whether that’s 10%, 20%, or more or less.

* Further…… We pay out the 15th of the following month of business to the address in our System.

* Additionally, please do NOT make us create a bunch of lawyer jargon and small print that requires a magnifying glass. Just go change lives by referring programs wherein you are in alignment.

* This is not a MONEY making opportunity and No goals or fancy trips are earned. This is your chance to share worthy information.


Some Details:

The username and password you set above will be your login to the Partner Center where you can check your stats and get additional links to specific programs (if desired). The link you receive in your email will lead to the Academy Epic homepage. Anywhere your referral goes on the site and any applicable program they buy will be tracked and recorded as your sale. On top of that, your tracking link is cookied in your referral’s browser, which means even if they leave and return at a later date to purchase, you still get credit!

Watch your email for the information and remember that even legitimate emails get snagged by filters. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check your filter folders.