Academy Epic


CPD Provider #21945

Academy EPIC is not a traditional, accredited nor regulatory “approved” school. We have not, nor do we plan to seek accreditation through the U.S. Department of Education.

WHY? Because we are a Knowledge Academy.

We CHOOSE not to be labeled as a School, University, College or Higher education authority. We CHOOSE to be different. Therefore, if you are looking to “transfer” credits to a U.S. Department of Education organization… nope we don’t “qualify” for that, nor do we pretend to do so.

We believe Certification is a private matter, issued by a private organization. It does not involve regulation of the state.

Just as the Home School environment, with an average annual increase of 7% and over 2 million home school students, is rising, so is the need for TRUTH and TRAINING in Holistic Health. That means NOT product driven, NOT paid endorsements, but Professionals that WANT you to succeed.

The number 1 reason for home schooling was…”can give the child a better education at home.”

We see the need of Home-Based training, driven by Results, from REAL, practicing professionals. By practicing we mean they were actually successfully serving their clients/patients the day we recorded the training. Not theory, not book regurgitation, but #truth.

We do not offer course descriptions like: chm103, pqrd1 or br549 jr sample. We have chosen to call it what it is: GI Distress or Sound Therapy.

We DO NOT pretend to be a higher education school with HOPES that your “other obligations in life” will afford you the opportunity to be present during an online course instruction. For Example: every Tuesday night from 8pm-9pm for each 4-week course.

We DO offer video on demand classes, with many, Trained Professionals, that you can watch at YOUR leisure, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

We DO send you periodic emails and videos to ENCOURAGE and EQUIP you on your journey in completing this training.

Along with this, if you have the desire to CONNECT with other members of our Community, we give you several options. You may be able to participate in our bi-monthly S.A.S.S. coaching calls (or listen to the replays) depending on the course you select, and join our private Facebook community or Group, or give us a CALL or EMAIL, so we may support you PERSONALLY.

We agree that accreditation, by an outside organization, is a compliment to any institution. What we do NOT agree with, is the motivation of extracting out a hefty “fee”, for an accrediting organization to “approve” our message. This is NOT in alignment with our #truth mission. So, we said NO THANK YOU. Our community wants RESULTS and that is ultimately what we provide.

We believe in NOT hiding behind:

  • Fake names
  • Self-accrediting organizations, operating under various names, depending on the desired role
  • a “not for profit” as a business model claiming Religious exempt with no Religious association

We have NO small print. Academy EPIC was created with a Rebellious Spirit of Transparency and Truth. And YES, we are a “for profit” organization paying taxes like the rest of you 🙂

We do hope this answers some of your Accreditation questions. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

OK – We know some folks are looking for a “Board Certification” avenue – check out