Step One: Are You All In or Prefer Step-by-Step?

We Offer Choices in Natural Health Education

You might want to start with our “All InCAHP program (Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioner) OR take it Step-by-Step! Our entire CAHP Program is also available separated into affordable, realistic and practical natural health courses! Start where YOU are most comfortable and continue until you reach your ultimate goal. Each step up in completed courses can then be applied to CAHP (and we’re talking both your knowledge and investment)… because ALL modules are inside our all-inclusive CAHP program.

~ Learn at your pace on your schedule – Lifetime access! ~ Payment plans available ~

And… we are NOT book theory! Ugh! We’re definitely not boring or leave you on your own! Our instructors are 20+ true Natural Health Professionals STRONG offering a wide variety of detailed information (via surprisingly fun videos and tons of supporting documents) covering a grand total of 50+ symptoms and 40+ tools and techniques.

I am one of those who paid $15,000, plus books, and graduated with a DNM feeling like I did not know where or how to start. I have learned so much more just from the foundation / CNHP of Academy Epic! Thank you!
Brenda T

CAHP Program

Step Two: Where Do You Want to Start?

What We Offer

Academy EPIC was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty vision to provide a global platform for anybody, anywhere, anytime to be Equipped thru Education. 


I→INSPIRE you to…
C→CHALLENGE the status quo

I have done “lots of bits & pieces” of assorted health training programs and have a fistful of certificates… But the CAHP program has REALLY KNITTED it all together for me!  I Loved it!     

I am soo excited!  It’s soo fun!  Answer to prayer!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 



I am WoW-ed daily!

Lisa Wojhan

CAHP-BC, Texas

Totally life changing experience. I’ve been waiting for years for an education like this.

Lori Langhans

CAHP-BC, Missouri

I recommend it HIGHLY! The People, The Content, The Everything!! Academy Epic goes beyond what is necessary and what is required. They go above and beyond in Excellence, in Knowledge, in Training, in Team Spirit. They care about YOU and help YOU. They truly are Epic! I am thankful I chose AE. It has enriched my life and prepared me for my future in Natural Health. I’m loving the journey.
Cheryl Duke

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

What an incredible education! All of the educators are tops in their fields with real world experience.

Don Clark

ND, CAHP-BC, Indiana

Meet Our Instructors

Angie Ates Coaching & MentoringAbout Angie

Mother of 3, Natural Health Educator, Board Certified Naturopath, MH, CNC, CNHP, CAHP-BC, Detox Specialist, CEO & Founder of Academy EPIC

Angie and all 20+ hand-picked instructors (working in a wide variety of fields) are each dedicated to helping you learn what it takes to achieve optimal physical health — gain a foundation for better living — for you AND those in your care personally or professionally. Through our alternative and natural health courses, we share our experiences, knowledge and techniques for understanding how to encourage the body’s natural processes to work optimally for health… without side effects. In fact, Angie traversed this path to heal herself.. and heal she did! Which is why she has such a passion to empower, educate and equip you!!

We are Transparent…

no small print or hidden fees

We are Authentic…

we actually practice what we teach

We are FUN…

no one likes boring power point training

Having Trouble Finding the Right Natural Health Course for YOU?

You’re Not Alone. We’ve heard it before…

Other organizations offer NOTHING but learn-on-your-own THEORY. How-to? Umm… you’re on your own because their instructors have no real-world experience! That’s our HUGE difference in our natural health education….

Along with our Instructors’ videos (who actually have practices!) we include study guides, supporting docs, worksheets, case studies, interactive Zoom calls for LIVE Q&As and actual case-by-case assistance, live events, private group support, and more!

NO other organization does what we do…
we’re all about YOU and Your success.

NO prerequisites. Any age… any walk of faith… No restrictions!
Learn at your own pace! Lifetime Access!


Angie, you treat me like I have seldom been treated by a company and most people! I am truly blessed and honored to be a part of your community and coursework. I am motivated anyway, and this fuels my fire for change even more! Love you all and bless you richly!
Nicky M

Step Three: Check Out Our Courses…

Unlock Your Full Potential

You know what to do with your passion. It’s there for a reason. Go for it.

Have the Audacity to Believe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

* What are the Degree Levels?

Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Level Degree / Diploma is a comparison to a Government funded Higher Education Authority Organization. This is for reference only. Academy EPIC is not accredited by Any U.S. Department of Higher Education Authority. Nor are various other “distant” learning establishments utilizing the “credit hours” method of comparison.

We are an Organization choosing to EQUIP and EMPOWER!

Academy Epic is the ORIGINAL Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioner Program

Academy Epic was the FIRST to bring the CAHP program to life more than two  years ago. The FIRST to QUALIFY for Certification. And while we are no longer the ONLY program out there… we ARE the ONLY ONE approved and supported by www.SCAHP.org
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when that imitation doesn’t serve anyone except those doing the imitating, we can’t agree. Please, don’t be fooled!
We strongly encourage you to vet any program and all statements. We have witnessed some TWIST THE FACTS to their Sole Benefit.
We are not afraid of Qualified and Sincere Competition – in fact we encourage it – but don’t steal from us! We want and need help to change the world to embrace natural health and take control of their lives.
Be informed! Have no regrets. While you’re Triple Checking claims and promises made, look for hidden fees or additional costs (or required books, for that matter). Academy Epic has NO small print and NO hidden fees. Period. We do recommend books, but they are NOT required.
One more BIG caveat… MANY of the programs out there are taught by those who NEVER had a practice of their own. Thus, your applicable real-world experience is ZERO. #truth And… ANY ONE who suggests they alone can teach you what you need to know, RUN! If you learn from one instructor, you will get ONE instructor’s sum total of experience and knowledge.
At Academy Epic, there are 20+ Professional Practitioners & Specialists with real-world Experience, teaching you the sum total of ALL of their knowledge and real-world experience. Doesn’t that make more sense?