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Our Comprehensive Program

At an equivalent of 600 Credit Hours* (PHD Level), our Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioner program is Incomparable — FAR MORE than any other organization offers (at half their prices!). The BEST training you can get!

Extension Courses & Capstones

Our Specialty Designations and Capstones provide you with knowledge to fulfill personal and professional goals (and annual CEUs).

Dr Moms & Dads & More

Our Beginner and Intermediate courses align with the needs of home caregivers, knowledge seekers, casual learners, special needs and the curious!

Your Partners in Natural Health

We’re NOT just theory! Not just books. We are 20+ true Professionals (with experience) STRONG offering a wide variety of subjects, each sharing our knowledge and experience with YOU. We help you find YOUR passion!

From natural health care for your family, to adding to your services, to caring for your community, to building your practice, to changing the world… We support YOU — moms and dads, health advocates, health store employees, specialists, practitioners, doctors — YOU. We CARE about you, your family, your health, your business and your success. You are not alone!!

All of our natural health courses are online. Learn at your own pace, on your own time, anywhere. Start small and GROW with us or dive in and take on the world!

We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced alternative health courses. From the equivalent of Associate to Bachelor, and Master to PHD level natural and complementary health courses

Together, we are the future of alternative healthcare… Join us.

Having Trouble Finding the Right Organization?

You’re Not Alone. We’ve heard it before…

Other organizations offer NOTHING but learn-on-your-own THEORY. How-to? Umm… you’re on your own because their instructors have no real-world experience! That’s our HUGE difference….

Along with our Instructors’ videos (who actually have working practices!) we include study guides, supporting docs, worksheets, case studies, interactive Zoom calls for LIVE Q&As and actual case-by-case assistance, live events, private group support, and more!

NO other organization does what we do… we’re all about YOU and Your success.

I recommend it HIGHLY! The People, The Content, The Everything!! Academy Epic goes beyond what is necessary and what is required. They go above and beyond in Excellence, in Knowledge, in Training, in Team Spirit. They care about YOU and help YOU. They truly are Epic! I am thankful I chose AE. It has enriched my life and prepared me for my future in Natural Health. I’m loving the journey.
Cheryl Duke

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

What We Offer

Academy EPIC was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty vision to provide a global platform for anybody, anywhere, anytime to be Equipped thru Education.
I→INSPIRE you to…
C→CHALLENGE the status quo

NO prerequisites. Any age… any walk of faith… No restrictions!
Learn at your own pace! Lifetime Access!

We welcome YOU to join our Movement of
Positively impacting the world… naturally!

About Angie

Mother of 3, Natural Health Educator, Board Certified Naturopath, MH, CNC, CNHP, CAHP-BC, Detox Specialist, CEO & Founder of Academy EPIC

Angie and all 20+ hand-picked instructors (working in a wide variety of fields) are each dedicated to helping you learn what it takes to achieve optimal physical health — gain a foundation for better living — for you AND those in your care personally or professionally. Through this education, we share our experiences, knowledge and techniques for understanding how to encourage the body’s natural processes to work optimally for health… without side effects. In fact, Angie traversed this path to heal herself.. and heal she did! Which is why she has such a passion to empower, educate and equip you!!

We are Transparent…

no small print or hidden fees

We are Authentic…

we actually practice what we teach

We are FUN…

no one likes boring power point training

Unlock Your Full Potential

You know what to do with your passion, right? It’s there for a reason. Follow it.

What an incredible education! All of the educators are tops in their fields with real world experience.

Don Clark

ND, CAHP-BC, Indiana

AcademyEpic’s comprehensive program allowed me to fulfill my passion and purpose.

Tammy Gillam

CAHP-BC, St. Louis

I am WoW-ed daily!

Lisa Wojhan

CAHP-BC, Texas

Totally life changing experience. I’ve been waiting for years for an education like this.

Lori Langhans

CAHP-BC, Missouri

Have the Audacity to Believe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

* What are the Degree Levels?

Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Level Degree / Diploma is a comparison to a Government funded Higher Education Authority Organization. This is for reference only. Academy EPIC is not accredited by Any U.S. Department of Higher Education Authority. Nor are various other “distant” learning establishments utilizing the “credit hours” method of comparison.

We are an Organization choosing to EQUIP and EMPOWER!

Academy Epic is the ORIGINAL Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioner Program

Academy Epic was the FIRST to bring the CAHP program to life more than two  years ago. The FIRST to QUALIFY for Certification. And while we are no longer the ONLY program out there… we ARE the ONLY ONE approved and supported by
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when that imitation doesn’t serve anyone except those doing the imitating, we can’t agree. Please, don’t be fooled!
We strongly encourage you to vet any program and all statements. We have witnessed some TWIST THE FACTS to their Sole Benefit.
We are not afraid of Qualified and Sincere Competition – in fact we encourage it – but don’t steal from us! We want and need help to change the world to embrace natural health and take control of their lives.
Be informed! Have no regrets. While you’re Triple Checking claims and promises made, look for hidden fees or additional costs (or required books, for that matter). Academy Epic has NO small print and NO hidden fees. Period. We do recommend books, but they are NOT required.
One more BIG caveat… MANY of the programs out there are taught by those who NEVER had a practice of their own. Thus, your applicable real-world experience is ZERO. #truth And… ANY ONE who suggests they alone can teach you what you need to know, RUN! If you learn from one instructor, you will get ONE instructor’s sum total of experience and knowledge.
At Academy Epic, there are 20+ Professional Practitioners & Specialists with real-world Experience, teaching you the sum total of ALL of their knowledge and real-world experience. Doesn’t that make more sense?

Are these courses at my own pace?

YES – All the modules are viewed ONLINE at your convenience. Don’t worry we won’t watch you curled up in your favorite pj’s with a cup of delicious hot tea….well unless you invite us over or FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or… you get the idea.

Do you need to be Board Certified in order to get a Diploma of Completion / Certified for the CAHP designation?

NO – The Board Certification from the SCAHP (Society of Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioners) is just an added level of certification….acquired after completing a 4-hour NO notes exam. Well maybe not “just” but it does lend a level of competency once completed.
Once you have completed the CAHP FINAL EXAM, you will be awarded your EARNED Testament of Completion Certificate (aka Diploma) and hold the credentials to offer your gifts to the world as a Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP).

Are the tests online too?

For the CAHP Program, NO – We are EPIC! Therefore, we do not require an OPEN book test online at the end of every module. WHY? Because it’s an OPEN book….where you are trying to find the answer for whoever wrote the strange “gonna trick you” question. So let’s skip the “games” and let’s focus on SUCCESS. Your FINAL exam will show us “you know what you need to know”.
The Certificate Collections have a Multiple Choice knowledge confirmation at the end of the course. Once completed it triggers a Certificate that is mailed to you.

How are you different than the “other” organizations that teach Natural Health concepts?
  1. We are NOT a school and we have no desire to be thought of as a school…..seeking Higher Education Authority or conducting itself as one. We are a KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY! Why does that matter? Because we WANT you to succeed. So we have chosen a Trainer/Instructor team that ACTUALLY uses the material. Not “theory” based Trainers who only teach a topic but ones that  ACTUALLY practice their Craft.
  2. We are teaching current topics, with current SUCCESSFUL practitioners, using current technology to support you.
  3. Our CAHP designation is so full of Knowledge it won’t even fit on the largest GB memory I-Pad available…so that is bigger than “one of those other health coach institutes” entire program……just saying…

Our Certificate Collections are segments customized from of our CAHP program. This allows you to select just segments and not feel pressured to purchase the entire CAHP- Premiere program.

Is Academy EPIC the only platform for the CAHP program?
Currently YES – it is the only one approved and supported by The Society of Complementary Alternative Health Practitioners. Though you may be Board Certified thru SCAHP without completing our Academy EPIC course, ultimately the board certified exam is based on the information trained within the CAHP program offered via Academy EPIC.
Are there CEU’s that need to be completed for being Board Certified?
We are pleased to meet the 23 CEUs required annually via the ANMCB Board Certification renewal procedures. You will receive these CEU requirements with ANY of our Collections and Selections options.  Once the “online quiz” is completed  you will be mailed a Certificate. You may make a copy and mail accordingly per ANMCB procedures.
For those seeking CEU outside the ANMCB, we utilize Westbrook University for the  Certificate of Completion provider. (Get the instructions here.)

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